voopoo argus x and voopoo argus pro

So, another 'Argus' product made by Voopoo came out two days ago, the Voopoo Argus X Kit. And I'm sure some of you want to know the differences between the X version and the previous one, Voopoo Argus Pro Kit. But basically, the differences between them can be included in a few words. 'The Voopoo Argus X Kit is much taller due to its new compatibility with a single 18650 external battery.' 


Voopoo Argus X and Voopoo Argus Pro

voopoo argus x and voopoo argus pro

voopoo argus x and voopoo argus pro

The new Voopoo Argus X Kit is an open version of the previous Voopoo Argus Pro Kit because it's capable of holding a single 18650 battery. Given that, the dimension of the new X version is much taller. Internal battery vape devices have a much higher integration level that can shrink down the whole size to a great extent. So, the only reason that could move you to the new X version is you prefer the flexibility of changing the battery at will. On the country, if you prefer the more compact-sized, the previous Pro version is still your best choice. But frankly, the difference in height won't make you feel any uncomfortable because the new X version is just 4mm taller than the Pro version.

Leave aside the height difference, these two kits are completely the same and identical. Judging by the three pictures above, it's hard for both you and me to figure out which one is the new Argus X if I didn't tag their designations.


From the aspect of the packaging, these two kits, Voopoo Argus X Kit and Voopoo Argus Pro Kit, still share the same one. Even the PnP coils in the package are the same as each other, a PnP-VM6 0.15ohm and a PnP-VM1 0.3ohm. And there's still a rubber sleeve in the package for users to protect the PnP pod sitting on the top.


Now, let's just wrap up those differences between them in a table!


Size 128mm * 35mm * 30.5mm 124mm * 35mm * 31mm
Battery Capacity Single 18650 External 3000mAh Internal
Output Range 5-80W 5-80W
Airflow Adjustable YES YES
Pod Cartridge PnP Pod/PnP RTA Pod PnP Pod/PnP RTA Pod
Liquid Capacity 4.5ml 4.5ml
Firing Mechanism Auto Draw/ Button Activation Auto Draw/ Button Activation
Coil Compatibility All PnP Coils All PnP Coils


Basically, Here're all the fundamental differences between these two kits. If you find something omits here, Correction and explanation are eagerly welcomed!


That's all I want to tell you. Hope you find it useful. And I'm looking forward to your thoughts if you have something different to share with us!

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