WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Our Passion Defines Us

AVE40 is connected with Alibaba. Established in 2013, AVE40 grows with a 280-person team for business development and services. Passionate and energetic, the team offers a wide array of vapor products with their considerate services. In 2019, AVE40 tops its sales volume of over 75 million US Dollars.

AVE40 covers over 1,000 vapor shops and major online stores in China, taking 80% of the domestic customer groups. AVE40 to become one of the world’s leading vape shopping websites, It maintains the same value and mission the day it was founded: vape the original, AVE40 delivers it.

We offer the brand new arrival and most complete popular vape products, including Mods, Tanks, Pods and other accessories. Passionate and energetic, the team offers a wide array of vapor products with their considerate services. 

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Vaper Games

Created by AVE40, The Vaper Games is a serial game show heavily involved with vapor. It combines fun vapor games and informative interviews with vapor brand owners, bringing the stories behind brands in a light-hearted ambiance. VGod tricksters also took part in the show. The Vaper Games is promoted at YouTube and Instagram, drawing growing attention. It is our new attempt and the proof that our strong marketing ability is the solid choice for an emerging vapor brand.

For more information regarding our Vaper Games, please visit our Youtube channel.

Your Reasons to Shop with Us

1 on 1 service – One Click Away and 24/7

Newest Vapor Devices, Original & Affordable

Despite many suppliers for you to choose from, we are confident Ave40 is one of the best few. It’s always our pleasure to talk with you. If you have any suggestion or complaint about our site, please send an email to info@ave40.com

We will help you to resolve the problem as soon as possible!

Our Strength is in Our Products

Vape Gears

Our profound partnership with manufacturers and strong marketing proficiency enable us to offer a wide range of original vapor products including APVs, RBAs, high-end MODs, and DIY tools for seasoned vapers while easy-to-use starter kits, batteries, tanks for early vapers.

Ave40 never ceases delivering enhanced values and exceptional vapor experience to wholesalers, retailers, vapor houses, online stores, and end users.

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