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How to become a wholesale customer?

Create a wholesale account on our website according to below link, once done, you can enjoy the best competitive price all site.

Join Wholesale Membership Now

No MOQ on wholesale

No MOQ, no value limited, you just need to follow the steps to create a wholesale account, and verify your phone number, you can enjoy the wholesale price on your small order or large order and our professional and comfortable customer service.

Wholesale Level

Level wholesale: User is able to create the wholesale account

VIP Member:If your total amount is up to $3000, you get the access to apply for VIP wholesale, and enjoy the best wholesale price.

Presale on the site

We publish and update the new product on presale following every famous brand’s steps, and you are able to get the estimated arriving date on the products’ detailed page. Place presale order, reserve products first.

24HRS Shipping

Finish your order on the Catalog--24HRS Shipping, we will process your order and ship out in 24 hours.