Which Kit Is Suitable for Vape Starter?

As for the beginner who want to try to vape or quit smoking by vaping. Honestly, Choose a pen style kit or box mod kit is suitable to start with! There're a big quantity of vape devices in the market so it'll be hard for beginners to make choices. Actually the exact category of vape device is just divided into two parts, pod system kit and mod kit (pen style, box mod, mech mod). Basically we always use nicotine liquid in mod kit which called freebase juice as well and nicotine salt liquid is for pod system kit. So I think it's necessary to introduce what's the difference between nicotine salt and freebase liquid?


What's the difference between nicotine salt and freebase liquid?

Free base "nicotine." This form of nicotine is not dependent on any other substance and is generally considered to be more desirable for steam and other uses because it is a "volatile" (readily evaporable) form of nicotine.

Nicotine salts are forms of nicotine in tobacco leaves. Unlike nicotine, which is commonly used in e-cigarettes, these salts are not just nicotine; they are compounds that contain nicotine and other organic components and are a more stable molecule.

The nicotine salt is more stable than the free base nicotine, which means that the nicotine salt stock solution lasts longer without storage and does not undergo nicotine degradation.

Nicotine salt has a stronger penetrating power than "free base nicotine", increasing the level of nicotine that can penetrate into the blood at the same time, thus providing a solution that is close to the absorption of nicotine by the blood without excessive stimulation of the throat.


So what is the best devices for vape starter?

So you can clearly know that the effect that nicotine salt brings is more powerful than freebase liquid. Different from freebase, nicotine salt is more easily absorbed by the blood so the feeling that nicotine salt brings is more real and straighter. That's why it is way more helpful to quit smoking by vaping with pod system kit. But for vape starter, I don't recommend you guys to choose pod system kit for the first time cause the powerful feeling that nic salt brings is not easy to adapt. On the other hand, the nicotine contained in freebase liquid  is way same to the nicotine in cigarettes you smoke. But no tar and other heavy metal harmful matter. That explains why vaping is safer and healthier than smoking! So if you want to try vaping out for the first time, Choose a pen style kit or box mod kit is wiser. When you get used to the nicotine in liquid, you can tend to try the nicotine salt liquid. But keep that in mind the true feeling these two liquid bring to you is totally different. A suitable liquid is more helpful than a device to help you quit smoking!