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We've been waiting a so long time for this moment! The new vape device, Vladdin Slide Pod kit, from Vladdin brand! Maybe some of you guys know a little about this brand. But I have to mention you the first Vladdin pod kit is so warmly welcomed in Southeast Asia and some other countries. Without exception, It's the best news for Vladdin fans who all count the days till the new Vladdin new devices released. And now we have it. Let's have a look!


Vladdin Slide Pod Kit



  • Material: Aluminum Alloy & Plastic
  • Dimension: 82 x 45.8 x 20.2mm
  • Battery: 1000mAh
  • Voltage levels: 3.25V/3.35V/3.45V
  • Max Wattage Output: 12W
  • Capacity: 2ml


Package Included:

  • Vladdin Slide Battery
  • Vladdin Slide Pod
  • 1.0ohm Mesh Coil(Preinstalled)
  • 1.2ohm Regular Coil
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual


The Battery Design


Vladdin Slide Pod Kit


The biggest change is the slide panel design while is its USP at the same time! Take a look at the vape pod kit market, You'll find there's no innovative changes except shape changes or appearance changes. Just a few days ago, Smoant also released their new pod kit, Smoant Pasito Pod Kit, which comes with rebuildable feature. Specifically the rebuildable replacement coil. That's exactly what we want to see.


Well, the Vladdin Slide Pod Kit also uses the resin material in the slide panel. Although I'm lack of interests in resin, I have to admit it has a nice looking. Different from the metal material or plastic material, manufacturers could control the shape of the color they want. The color of the resin is uncontrollable even you know the raw resin material you used. So you can clearly distinguish the difference between two same name resin panels. Well, that's why resin material is so popular. The variability.


Vladdin Slide Pod Kit


As for the slide panel design in this Vladdin Slide Pod Kit. Well, It's really worth a detailed description. Slide phones seem to be the products from the last century but the slide design is still worthy of those manufacturers' development. If my memory serves me correctly, It's the first slide pod kit in the vape market. Without any doubt, Vapers will pay for this unique feature!


According to the test data from Vladdin official, the service life of the slide panel is over 50000 times. And let me calculate shortly here. If you slide the panel 40 or 50 times each day, you can slide the panel for almost 3 years in its support range. That's pretty durable.


Vladdin Slide Pod Kit


On the other hand. Due to the slide panel, It will offer you more convenience in refilling juice. You should just slide the panel down and open the rubber plug then refill the juice you want instead of taking the pod cartridge off!


The Pod Cartridge Design



The pod cartridge of Vladdin Slide Pod Kit also comes with some minor changes. The refilling hole is located at the main side of the pod and the adjustable air hole is located on the bottom. Actually, this kind of design is not strange to see. Due to the whole shape design, this's the most suitable change! Of course, you can replace the coils in this kit.


The Power Mode


 Vladdin Slide Pod Kit


Without exceptions, there're also power mode functions in this Vladdin Slide Pod Kit. Three presses on the fire button to adjust through three voltage outputs. And the three indicators will remind of the battery status, the battery capacity, and the current power mode.


Now you can find it in our store.


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