Preventing Obesity with E-cigs.
Is it possible to help prevent obesity with e-cigs? You might be thinking, that sounds crazy! Well, according to an article on itechpost, Scientists from New Zealand and Sterling conducted a research about the effects of vaping to smokers who are quitting and found out that the sweet and fruit flavor variety for e-juice helps prevent snacking. They studied the relationship between the aroma, taste, and flavor of e-cigarettes and how it can manage weight gain. More so, the physical process of filling an e-cigarette could reduce the urge to eat. Taking the time to fill the cartridge slows the cravings since it takes a bit longer to prep, and the satisfying flavors last for more than just a quick bite, instead of reaching for a candy bar at the checkout counter or rummaging through the pantry for some hidden cookies. The grab and eat of certain indulgences help to pack on the pounds we want to avoid. Moreover, it makes sense when you think about the fact that people can create their own, tailored flavor combinations, hitting that sweets craving in just the right spot. With the ability to layer flavors like traditional chocolate, or White Lady – a decadent New York Style Cheesecake, or Irish Cappuccino with a dash of caramel, even crème brulee with salted caramel, and cook up your own sweet substitution, you won’t need to dip your spoon in an ooey, gooey calorie-laden banana split, or cut a heaping slice of chocolate cake. What if I don’t like rich dessert flavors? If decadent indulgences aren’t what you are looking for you can get a sweet treat with fresh and fruity or even candy flavors like, Island Breeze– a tropical pineapple and coconut flavor, or mango, cherry, grape or even Cosmic Fog– melon with a candy coating. There’s a sweet treat for all tastes. More from the itech article states, “Obesity is a common problem among people who are looking to say goodbye to smoking, with an average weight gain of about 5kg (11 lbs) on the first year of quitting. One of the many effects of nicotine is suppressing appetite and causing a metabolic rate increase.” So the effects of choosing to vape overindulging in sweets are twofold. The Guardian and Reuters echo the sentiments and add that Bauld said, “the benefits of e-cigarettes for smokers have been shown to far outweigh the harms, as vaping carries around 5 percent of the risk of smoking.”* So don’t fret, you can turn up the sweetness and indulge in flavor cravings without any of the calorie guilt. To help curb calories, would you reach for a dessert inspired vape over a sweet treat?