Tiny but Strong——The Review of the SMOK OSUB 80W Baby Kit
Today I’m going to present an evaluation of a new suite of SMOK——OSUB 80W Baby Kit. As is known to all, the types of SMOK products are various to confuse eyes from 50W up to 300W. And what new will the suite bring about? Let’s enter the evaluation. First, let’s look at the packaging. Obviously, the full-color cover hints that this new product is purple. Not to mention the trademark in the top left corner and product name below, the black background with the colorful e-cigarette body and tank makes it clear and attractive. The back side of the box is some basic information, warning notes and contents of the suite, of which the details are as follows. Open the plastic jacket appearing the familiar packaging of SMOK all along——black cardboard cap with the silver trademark of SMOK on top of the cap. Open the cap, the main unit of gorgeous purple is wrapped in the upper froth which is attached a rope thoughtfully so that the users can easily pull it out. Take all contents out of the box that includes OSUB 80W unit, one TFV8 baby Tank, one spare atomizing core and several spare rubber gaskets, one loop, one USB cable, an instruction and a note card of battery use for safety. It used to have a glass bin for spare use in the suite, and it’s a little worrying for no such spare glass bin because it’s delicate. This suite is for rookies according to the safety card for battery use and users manual of Chinese and English. The manufacturers treat the domestic market equally as the international market partially due to the growing number of e-cigarette users in China. Meanwhile, the distinction between the standard version and EU version is the capacity of the Tank probably changed based on the local policy. The top cap of the Tfv8 baby tank is not fixed by a screw but hinges. This is convenient for users to inject tobacco tar slightly turning it on and no need to worry the top cap dropping or missing. One more advantage is that the intensity of pressure is nearly slight so as to reduce tobacco tar leak. The pre-installed atomizing core and spare atomizing core are 0.4Ω double coils. The power range of atomizing core is 40-80W and the best power range is 55-65. In actual use, I think it depends on the users’ experience due to the distinctions of the tobacco tar. The front surface of the motor is a display screen, keys of add and subtract and USB interface, and the trademark SMOK is down there. The ignition key is on the side of the motor that is designed as tiger’s mouth handling. The ignition key is actually near one end of the screen and the supporting point is near the end close to the trademark. The ignition structure is like a lever that makes ignition more convenient and easier. The motor body is tiny, light and portable. OSUB, the product series, is marked on the back side of the motor. Battery type: 18650 power battery. Maximum power: 80W. Control mode: TC(Temperature Control). One highlight of the battery cap on the bottom of the motor is that the switch is a gradient. I tried and it’s very convenient and it’s closed tight. This is because of the spring near the joint of the battery cap. You only need to move the black switch, the battery cap will pop open, which is very humanized and no struggling to pull the cap. Compared the OSUB 80W Baby Kit with a pack of tissue, you’ll find it tiny and portable, even move of a room saver than a pack of tissue in the pocket. Though tiny and single-point, the battery power using with the Tfv8 baby tank is excellent without power failure or obvious delay and the endurance can last for a common weekday unless the times you go vaping are excessive. All in all, OSUB 80W Baby Kit is for rookies. And the matched Tfv8 baby tank in a certain degree has merits in flavor and smoke. The tar injection structure is convenient for users and pre-installed atomizing cores and spare cores can last long. The motor’s maximum power is 80W that can fit most DIY tanks and heat coils. The design of battery cap and switch is humanized and easy to operate. Though it’s a single-point motor, it can endure long enough for a common weekday. There is no spare glass bin, and you have to buy one if it’s broken. The motor is so tiny that it can only match tanks of 22mm, which has a limitation when choosing a tank by yourself. OSUB 80W Baby Kit is for rookies to practice due to its features and it’s not a good choice for advanced users. But it’s pretty enough using on a weekday.