voopoo drag max kit review

You might get confused when you saw this kit, Voopoo Drag Max Kit, for the first time and couldn't stop thinking why Voopoo made this kit? So did I. If you come to this review, I can assume that you must want to know what's the upgrade compared to the previous Voopoo Drag X Pod Mod Kit, and which one is more worthwhile between the Drag Max and Voopoo Argus GT Kit? I will let you know that before I finish this introduction.

To be honest, Voopoo has released so many products in recent months, and without exception, all of them are extremely great. I don't know if you have an idea of how many products Voopoo has made this year, so let me list them down below.

Voopoo Drag X Kit, Voopoo Drag S Kit, Voopoo Argus GT Kit, Voopoo Argus Air Kit, Voopoo V.THRU Pro Kit, and Voopoo V.SUIT Kit are what Voopoo has brought to us in just a few months and they also made some innovative accessories included PnP Pod Tank, PnP MTL Pod, RTA Pod, and a slew of PnP coils. Although there's a tremendous amount of new products, we can clearly see that they're all different from each other and other products in the current market. In a word, Voopoo has been developing their vape products and make great contributions to this field. 

Now, let's jump into this review and find what you want!!!


Voopoo Drag Max Kit


Initial Thoughts

Voopoo Drag Max Kit


Although it's a box mod kit and called 'Drag Max', it's hard to find any similarities between this Drag and the previous Drag 2 or Drag Mini. Undeniably, the profile design of this Voopoo Drag Max Kit has adopted some well-received specifications from the sought after Voopoo Drag X Kit, such as the giant coverage of tactile leather section and the same metal chassis construction. As far as the profile design's concerned, I like it! 

But you may keep wondering why Voopoo made this kit when we already have Drag X Kit? I'm assuming that Voopoo must hear some positive feedback from their customers who are not satisfied with the power configurations of the Drag X and the standby time that a single 18650 battery provided. Someone would like to question that higher output will be pointless because the current PnP coils can't handle higher wattages! Without a doubt, it's true! Even you can switch to RBA mode to turn the wattage higher than what's suggested, the true circumstance is the best performance comes from the recommended power range which makes a perfect balance between the flavor performance and coil life. But you will have an impressively longer standby time that the dual 18650 battery provides. Therefore, you have to choose between the standby time and portabilities. To enjoy longer or to hold it better, it should depend on you. 


Drag Max Mod


Voopoo Drag Max Kit


Go on with what we talked about above, this Voopoo Drag Max Kit doesn't feel like traditional Drag Box Mods. Comparing to the original Drag or Drag 2, this Drag Max feels like a mixed version of Drag Mod and Drag Pod Mod, or rather, it feels like a max version of the Drag X. Maintaining the zinc alloy chassis construction and a leather grip section all around the side but adding dual 18650 battery inside, as far as it goes, it's the most powerful Drag device, and it's the most beautiful Drag device as well.

In my view, Voopoo has a great taste in color-matching and material combination on their products. I got this Drag Max in Vintage Brown(or Retro), the whole leather section does a great job in comfort delivery with its round side and fluffiness. And there's a real wooden panel on each side that adding more luxuries to the whole kit. But I think Voopoo also sticks to their very own traditions. I don't know if you have used the original Drag device or not, it's a truly great device up to that time and someone out there is still using that device up to now, but its sharp edges have driven so many people away. Fortunately, Voopoo has fixed that on the Voopoo Drag 2 Kit and Voopoo Drag Mini Kit. But they have brought that shortcoming back to the Voopoo Drag Max Kit. Honestly, it could be a subjective flaw because it will come out when holding this device like I'm used to doing. Put the leather section against your palm and wrap the device all around with your fingers, the edges will make you uncomfortable. If that's not the way you always do, it will not interrupt you at all. 

Back to the mod. If you're a user of Voopoo Drag X Kit, this Drag Max will not make you feel strange. The whole dimension has become bigger due to the installation of a dual 18650 battery. The power configuration has been extended to 177w due to a stronger power source.


Voopoo Drag Max Kit


There's one thing that drives so many Voopoo users crazy is the wattage limitation on the PnP coils. Out of safety and coil life concerns, this fixed regulation will make you experience the best vapor production and extend the coil lifespan. But that doesn't mean the PnP coils are not strong enough to handle higher wattages. I've been explaining this point in my previous Drag X Review and Argus GT Review which you can view them all down here(https://www.ave40.com/blog), the true story is the PnP coil is stronger than they look like. Take the PnP-VM6 0.15ohm coil as an example, its suggested wattage range is from 60w to 80w, but you can run it at 83w or 85w in RBA mode. But keep it in mind don't take a long puff on higher wattage like 80w or 85w before the coil is not fully saturated. If you don't want to experience burnt taste, please don't do that!


Airflow Mechanism



Here is my favorite part of the Voopoo Drag Max Kit, the Airflow Adjustment Mechanism. It's not a debut because Voopoo has implemented this design on the Voopoo Drag X Kit and has received a lot of praise. In fact, vape manufacturers have been trying hard to work out a perfect adjustment solution to airflow transportation and airflow velocity. And we can roughly split them into two types, bottom airflow, and top-to-bottom airflow. The first one could be the simplest and more efficient way to regulate airflow and it does a great job in improving airflow velocity and providing instant e-liquid atomization. But leakage issue also comes along with it. So some manufacturers make the second one, top-to-bottom airflow, which prevents the leaking problem from happening, but it has some kind of delay in e-liquid atomization because the airflow has to travel longer than the former. 

But is this one on Voopoo Drag Max Kit different from the other two? Technically, it's not! Judging by the actual airflow pathway, it belongs to bottom airflow. And you still need to rotate the knob inlaid on the Drag Max Mod to adjust the airflow abundance. The reason why I fancy it is it gives the most comfortable using experience. And the giant cutout on both sides does deliver impressively rich airflow. I was using this device while writing this review and I have to cut down airflow a little bit because it's just too airy!!!


PnP Pod


Voopoo Drag Max Kit


Although the Voopoo Drag Max Kit is a new device, the PnP pod and PnP coils are what we're all familiar with. And these two coils included in the package are PnP-VM5 0.2ohm Coil and PnP-VM6 0.15ohm Coil which were born together with Voopoo Argus GT Kit. So, I won't go further on these parts because you may know it better than me. But I can tell the actual performance of these sections.

I have talked about the coil strength above and explained how to make the coil exceed the limit. But I won't advise you to do that all the time because it will shrink down the lifespan of the coil itself. Undeniably, PnP coils are kind of unique and great because it's compatible with all Voopoo's new products. But its tiny size also tells you it's not able to compete with real sub-ohm coils like Freemax Fireluke 2 Tank or Smok TFV9 Tank which both have a giant OCC coil inside. 

As a matter of fact, PnP coils can provide great flavor. After all, I can't compare them to real sub-ohm tanks because they're not at the same level. As far as it goes, its flavor won't disappoint you at all. On the other hand, its inborn compatibility also makes you feel comfortable when switching through different Voopoo products. 

By this moment, I'm using the Drag Max with VM6 0.15ohm coil set up at 75w which is right in the suggested range. Then I can switch the pod to my Drag X Kit and keep vaping at 65w(the auto-matching wattage) and when I realized the battery is dead, I can still switch the pod to my Argus GT Kit with the 510 adapter installed already and go on vaping at 65w as well. The most valuable thing is these three devices are all using 18650 external batteries which you can charge them with just one external charger and energize them all at the same time. Do you like it? I do like it!


What's the difference between Drag Max and Argus GT?


voopoo drag max and argus gt

voopoo drag max and argus gt


So I'm assuming that you want to know what's the difference between Voopoo Drag Max Kit and Voopoo Argus GT Kit, and you also want to know which one you should buy? Now, let me tell you about my thoughts!

Essential Difference: One thing you should know is the Argus GT is a regular 510 thread box mod while the Drag Max is not. 

Power Configuration: Drag Max and Argus GT both are dual-18650 vaping systems. But the Drag Max can output a max power of 177w while Argus GT can offer 160w.

Dimension Difference: Although they have the same battery configuration, the Argus GT is more slender in hand than Drag Max. (Drag Max: 122 x 50.25 x 25mm/ Argus GT: 132.1 x 51.3 x 26.1mm)

Function Difference: Drag Max has two functions including Smart Mode and RBA Mode. While Argus GT has three functions including Smart Mode, RBA Mode, and TC Mode.

Chipset Difference:  Drag Max has the GENE.FAN 2.0 chip and Argus GT has the GENE.TT chip.

Similarities: All PnP Pods and All PnP Coils are compatible! And Voopoo RTA Pod is also workable on both!




Voopoo Drag Max Kit


If you're a user of Drag X and crave for more power, you can choose the Argus GT directly. It's no need to switch to the Drag Max. While if you don't have any of Voopoo's products and want to experience the best, you can go straight to buy the Drag Max. And if you only want a regular box mod because you have your favorite sub-ohm tanks or RTAs already, you can choose the Argus GT without thinking anymore. But you need to look carefully at its specifications because it can only accept atomizers that have a diameter of less than 26mm.

All in all, the Voopoo Drag Max Kit is a kind of familiar but different products. I'm not sure if Voopoo will make a proprietary 510 adapter for it. If they do, the Drag Max will be a flawless product!

That's all I want to tell you. Hope you find it useful. And I'm looking forward to your thoughts if you have something different to share with us!

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  • Material: Leather + Zinc Alloy + PCTG
    Dimension: 122mm * 50.25mm * 25mm
    Output Power: 5-177W
    Output Voltage: 6.4-8.4V
    Resistance: 0.1-3.0Ω
    Battery Capacity: Dual 18650 (Not Included)
    Capacity: 4.5ml
    Resistance: 0.2Ω (PnP-VM5)/ 0.15Ω (PnP-VM6)


Package Includes:

  • Drag Max Device * 1
    PnP Pod (4.5ml)* 1
    VM5 0.2ohm Coil* 1
    VM6 0.15ohm Coil* 1
    Type-C Cable* 1
    User Manual* 1


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