VGOD ELITE 200W Mod Review
From the point of view of VGOD, since 2016, each year will be released a series of electronic cigarette products, in addition to conventional new E-liquid, usually issued a series of new mechanical pole, host, RDA, and RTDA, very regular. In 2016, VGOD is due to mechanical pole as the main product, in 2017, VGOD mechanical pole as a new ELITE "elite" series of the beginning, but I think that it has differences with last year, in this year, VGOD 's highlight should be ELITE "elite" series of host products. In September, VGOD official began to gradually have a new host of spy photos out, but with the usual difference is that the official and channel agents have changed in the past to vigorously promote the gesture, seems to be calm and placid. It also makes a lot of attention for VGOD friends who do not know the number of roads, the new series of host release, what should we start? Today, it brings you that VGOD ELITE elite 200W RELEASE EDITION RED (red limited edition). Packing VGOD ELITE 200W still follows the familial large-size packing, measuring 18cm long, 13.6cm wide and 7cm high, of which the volume is equivalent to a thick dictionary. With the shading of star-and-strip flag and red background, the new version of VGOD shield logo is showed on the front of the package. The back of the package includes the information on product profile, bar code, security code, etc. Parameters of VGOD ELITE 200 host Supply voltage: 6.6-8.4V (dual lithium batteries) Output voltage: 0-8.5V Battery cut-off voltage: 3.3V Output power range: 7-200W Temperature control range: 100-315℃/200-600°F Working resistance range: 0.1-5Ω (the maximum output power within the range of 0.1Ω-0.4Ω is 200W; official recommendation of resistance value is 0.1-0.5Ω) Duration for one-time power supply: 7 seconds Guessing that the product pictures on two sides of the package could cool many people’s ardor at the sight of it. That the product would not turn out to be good-looking was also my first impression on these pictures. But I believe VGOD ELITE 200W is a member of those typical "not come out well in a photograph " products. That is, observing it in one’s hand would be much more practical than feeling it through pictures. Let’s see and check it out. Taking out the red box outside, there is a black carton packing with a white VGOD shield logo in the middle of it. The final packing of the product still uses the classic hard-shell case of the VGOD series. Open the zipper, and the host of ELITE 200 is placed in the shock-proof sponge, with a fitting kit alongside. The mesh bag inside the case cover contains instructions, warranty cards, and VGOD stickers. The case can be regarded as a storage box for the equipment if the shock-proof sponge is removed, which is very convenient and portable. Inside the plastic bag, rather than the fittings, there is a brooch with VGOD shield logo of the same style of the host. Details The host of Elite 200W adopts the unified exterior style of ELITE series, like the ELITE mechanical pole, with irregular shape design.The side of the host shares the same protrusion design with the ELITE mechanical pole. The VGOD shield logo is within it. The ignition key lies on the upper right corner of the host. In a concise and generous style, the mainframe consists of black, red and the color of stainless steel. Like the mechanical pole, another side of the host is carved with VGOD. As for this point, it is quite different from the MECH series. The style of the new ELITE series is more united as the mechanical pole and the host apply the same design. pic10 ELITE 200 seems to be square; but in fact, both sides of it are asymmetrical, creating a totally different visual effect. The size and weight are relatively moderate with 55.5mm at width, 84mm at height, 29.5mm at the thickness and net weight 186g. The host pays great attention to details. In order to provide a comfortable feel, all the protuberant corners are designed curved and round. Black is the main color of the mainframe. The 510 interface, ignition key, an operation screen and Ego w are decorated with brushed stainless steel texture. The bottom of the Ego w has four sets of heat dissipation holes, as well as the LOGO, the producer's information, and the product number. According to the VGOD official information, ELITE200 will be released as a limited edition, with less than 3,000 sets of global production and only about 1,000 sets for Asia. But there is no clear sale plan in China yet. But it's safe to say that the VGOD elite 200W won’t be much in the actual sales channel. The Ego w of the ELITE 200 mainframe is located at the bottom. When open it, press down hard to separate the internal lock and then pull out. When installing it, push down the protrusion, which is on the side of the Ego w, and then push in and finally, the lock is closed. The Ego w and the mainframe are supported by a small steel ball. The design of the three buckles allows the Ego w to be tightly closed in case of any accidental opening. When the hand is covered by E-liquid or sweat, it will be very difficult to open the back Ego w. Therefore, in order to receive a better user experience, it would be best to be familiar with its structural features and the right removal methods. The inside of the battery compartment is insulating. There are positive and negative charges marks inside at the contact point of the battery. Make sure the right installing way. When installing the back Ego w, never insert it directly into the slot. As it is shown in the picture, press down the spring thimble with the front end of the Ego w first, and then align the two side of the back side, and finally press the Ego w and push it in. The screen control area of ELITE 200 mainframe is easy but elegant,two of the buttons use the same material as the screen,two sides of which is equipped with chamfers,and the height of the chamfers is out of that of the screen.For example,based on the picture direction,the one that on the left of the screen is“+”,and the one that on the right of the screen is “-”. There is a USB below the button,which can not only charge but also connect with the computers so as to upgrade the hardware. The maximum of the electricity when charging is 1600 mA.The mainframe can't be charged below 2.8V. It means that some batteries which were placed for a long time so that they didn't have enough electricity and other batteries which experienced discharge need to be charged before they are used. The screen was equipped with an OLED which is 0.96 inches large.The content of the screen is simple,and the large style of the digital display shows us modernity. The contents of the screen include numerical value,output model,battery capacity,conducting time,resistance,voltage and other information. In addition to the standard power of output mode, ELITE elite 200 host also has MECH mechanical mode, USER custom output curve mode and nickel, titanium, 316,304 material temperature control mode. Elite 200 makes stainless steel material temperature control refinement, separating 316 and 304 two materials, for the current use of a wide range of stainless steel, the temperature control effect will be more accurate, of course, the premise is that you have to determine the hands of stainless steel is 316 or 304, or whether the composition of the virtual standard. In the terms of operation, ELITE elite 200 is also very simple, press the ignition key with 3 times, you can cycle in the above mode switch. The host automatically installs the battery after the power on, press 5 times the ignition key quickly to shut down, then the same operation can be completed boot. Press the key and hold the 1S key to lock the key to avoid touching the output value. The ignition key and press it in the long time will bring up the system setup menu, including the temperature control unit (Celsius / Fahrenheit) switch, the screen brightness adjustment, highlight the display mode, rotate the screen, factory settings and exit the menu several functions, adjusting the key to move the "cursor",confirming the ignition key . Although the function is relatively rich with simple operation, the host does not provide the function of locking the ignition key, that is to say, when you go out to remember to shut down to prevent false touch. Although the ELITE elite 200 host with a variety of output mode, but for most users, the power mode is most commonly used, VGOD MECH host output violence, the characteristics of rapid response is still reflected in the elite 200 host, especially the mechanical model is more suitable for some people like the violence output of the user, the chip to the current capacity of the battery is outputting in a simple and direct and violent way. But the ELITE elite 200 mod  only supports 0.1Ω resistance, which for the current commonly used fancy double coil tank is too high, although most of the double coil tank after the resistance will burn more than 0.1Ω, before the burning often appear less than 0.1Ω double coil tank phenomenon, at this time the host cannot be exported. comments From my perspective, the unique feature of ELITE 200 is its shape and appearance. Although ELITE 200 follows the same design elements a s mechanical pole, it appears to be prettier and more decent on the whole by contrast. If it is known that the picture of mechanical pole looks better than the real subject, then the situation of ELITE 200 is just the opposite, because its charm cannot be felt through pictures. Only when ELITE 200 is hold in one’s hand can the uniqueness be experienced. Apart from the design, the exquisite workmanship is worthy of the positioning of "limited edition", with the parts closely connected and seam standard unified. Another highlight comes down to the design of the ignition button. Although set at one side of the host, it can be triggered by pressing any position of itself, of which the key travel and resilience are moderate, and the hand feel for forehand thumb or backhand index finger is pretty comfortable. There is no obvious defective in performance. ELITE adopts the three-times ignition to switch the output mode, therefore, I think it is reasonable to reserve a certain “latency time” or so-called “delay” for the chip, given that it causes no effect on use. summary ELITE 200 mainframe didn't open to sell to the public, it instead chose the limited selling model, which might be influenced by some factors, such as the difficult technology and high costs. The present price of the mainframe is 1324 RMB.Based on the overall performing, the outlooking and some other factors, I suppose that ELITE 200 is a mainframe that is worthy of buying, especially for the VGOD fans, which means ELITE 200 with the new edition of shield is a device that you must have. For the general users, ELITE 200 may be a mainframe that needs some time to adapt to.And you may not like it when you meet it for the first time.However, in view of the special design and excellent workmanship, ElITE 200 mainframe will attract you and you will like it forever. If you have learnt and been attracted by the mainframe but still hesitate whether to buy it, I suggest you go to the outlet and try out it, which is the most effective and straight way to learn the ELITE 200 mainframe.