Vape Tricks Tutorial for Beginners: How to Ghost

Here is a short tutorial for those vape beginners to show you guys how to ghost! Before we begin, if you also have some trouble in blowing O's trick, you can click this link here to see how to do that! Now, let's start!


Step 1: Inhale


This kind of inhaling is totally different from the way you do when blowing O's. As you know if you've already mastered how to blow O's, when you try to blow O's, you need to take a long inhale and suck that vapor into your lungs if you want to make the O's denser and milky. While if you want to do a ghost, you need to inhale and keep the vapor in your mouth only.


That's the difference. If you want to do a ghost inhale, you need to inhale the vapor in your mouth. This is step 1!


Step 2: Purse Your Lips


Of course, you should purse your lips in the right way if you want the ghost out! Just like the way how to purse when blow O's. Look below!



Like this pic above, you don't have to make your own face 100% identical to this picture. You can also adjust your lips slightly to cover your teeth. Or you can purse more tightly to make a smaller O-face than the picture.


Actually, everyone has their own style. So if you want to do your own vape tricks, you have to find your own way to do that, that will make you feel comfortable. There's no one right way, the way suits you best is the best way!


Step 3: Push Your Tongue


If you want to do a ghost, you have to know how to push your tongue instead of coughing! That's the main point of this vape trick.


But you need to pay attention to the strength. You need to use your tongue to push the vapor out instead of putting your tongue out of your mouth.


As for me, I'd like to force the middle part of my tongue to do that and it works great! You guys can also try to do it in this way! Of course, I'm glad to see if you can master it in your own way!


After you exhale a milky and dense vapor ball out, it's time to suck it back. Stay your lip's position, and just inhale the vapor ball in front of you.  with your mouth or nose.


All in all, the ghost is a simple and easy vape trick for vape beginners. And I also like to do that because it's the first couple of tricks I've mastered when I came into contact with vape tricks. And I also hope all of you guys can master it as well. Keep more practice, you can make it!


By the way, if you're interested in vaping. Click here to find more:


Thanks for Reading!