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With the pace of e-cigs evolution moving so fast, there's always something waiting in the wings. No sooner have you spied the latest vape mods, then there's anticipation of something else, the next big thing. And when we’re now approaching the busiest period of the year in the e-cig market since Christmas is bringing with it plenty of amazing mods for vapes to sink their teeth into. We're looking at those Vape Mod that haven't yet launched, the best upcoming mods for 2017 and 2018. We'll be updating this list on a regular basis, with those device rumors we think are credible and noteworthy, and devices just announced but yet to hit the shelves on Ave40. Also, we've rounded up the best vape mods for 2017, those we consider to be the best across all platforms, and we've regularly updated that list as the vape industry has evolved.You can find those in our Best vape mods 2017: The best Vape Mods available to buy today feature. If your budget is a little smaller, there is also our Best budget e-cigs 2017: The best Vape gears available to buy for around $150.


Before we dive into the detail, here are some of the anticipated upcoming devices for 2017 and 2018:
  • Smoant RABOX Mini Mod 120W
  • Limitless Arms Race V2
  • Vaporesso revenger X
  • Voopoo Alpha One
  • Vaporesso Swag 80w Kit

Smoant RABOX Mini Mod

[caption id="attachment_3709" align="aligncenter" width="600"]smoant rabox mini1 RABOX MINI PRE-ORDER[/caption] That's right, Smoant's next vape mods is rumored to be called the RABOX Mini and it's said to be more premium than the early-announced RABOX. That might see the PCB material adopt Nano coating with Waterproof, oil-proof and Dust proof, see the rugged and solid hand welded frame. The RABOX mini measures 86mm by 55mm by 31mm (more compact than the original RABOX), features a hand-crafted stainless steel frame finished with a high-temp ceramic paint(380 ℃) in black, red, or white. The frame is enclosed on two sides with clear PMMA acrylic panels. [caption id="attachment_3713" align="aligncenter" width="600"]smoant rabox mini2 RABOX MINI PRE-ORDER[/caption] With an internal 3300mAh internal battery the RABOX offers two vaping modes: Constant Voltage (5V) and Soft (full battery output). Selecting the mode is as simple as flipping the external toggle switch on the side of the box. Smoant RABOX is sure to carry a built-in 3300mah Li-polymer battery to extend the vaping experience. This newer flagship will also be about premium performance by utilizing three power output modes. [caption id="attachment_3717" align="aligncenter" width="600"]smoant rabox mini3 RABOX MINI PRE-ORDER[/caption]

Limitless Arms Race V2

There have been a couple of rumors to suggest a limited version of LMC's flagship - the Arms Race - might appear in the form of the Limitless Arms Race V2. [caption id="attachment_3742" align="aligncenter" width="546"]Limitless_Arms_Race_V2_Box_Mod_image-1 LIMITLESS ARMS RACE PRE-ORDER[/caption] Limitless Mod Co (also called LMC) churns devices more often than we have hot meals. Having announced the LMC 200W Box Mod, Limitless Arms Race, Limitless Pulse Pod and Limitless RDTA Mod, news then appeared suggesting that LMC wants to renew its design. There's no word on what we might see or when we might see it, but it's safe to suggest that Limitless Arms Race V2 would be a likely starting point. Limitless Arms Race V2 is expected to be a mid-range device with 200W output power supported by dual 18650 batteries, with talk of a Proprietary Chip Developed Exclusively for Limitless Mod Co, a HD display, a whole new rugged military design.

Vaporesso Revenger X

[caption id="attachment_3725" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Vaporesso Revenger X Pre-Order[/caption] E-cigs giants never sleep and it wasn't long after the launch of the Vaporesso Revenger kit with Vaporesso NRG tank that we started to hear about Vaporesso's future plans. The Vaporesso Revenger X is thought to be coming with highly responsive touch buttons. Having seen the debut of Vaporesso's OMINI Board 2.0 on the Revenger 1, we're also expecting to see its updated version, the OMINI Board 2.2 chipset. OMINI BOARD 2.2 will be building on-device user behavior model to allow for faster startup (Startup speed: <0.1S) and for more intelligent power allocation. It gets a 12% performance improvement compared to the OMINI Board 2.0. Being built on this chipset means a higher level of energy-efficiency. [caption id="attachment_3051" align="aligncenter" width="600"]vaporesso revenger x vape kit Vaporesso Revenger X Pre-Order[/caption] The updated chipset provides more functional output modes such as VW(H/N/S), CCW, CCT, VT (NI, TI, SS), TCR (M1, M2), RTC, BYPASS, etc. Its TC range is from 100℃ to 315℃. The display is easily one of the best features of this vape mod, and while Vaporesso’s prowess in this department isn’t particularly surprising, they continue to push it to new heights each and every time. The user interface displayed on a bigger 0.96-inch OLED screen will be easier read and more user-friendly to enhance the whole operation with the simplified detail view. The new mobile-specific vibration motor is targeted at making the best out of the touch buttons and you can adjust the vibration feedback by using the 8-tier Sensory accommodation. [caption id="attachment_3032" align="aligncenter" width="600"]vaporesso revenger x vape kit Vaporesso Revenger X Pre-Order[/caption]


The IJOY CAPO has barely gone on sale, but IJOY is already talking about the IJOY CAPO SQUONK KIT. In an interview, the development team confirmed that they'd moved straight into planning for the next CAPO Mod model, including working on enhancing notable features, like the SQUONK-type juice reservoir that many vapers have been longing for. What it doesn't do is ramp up the wattage, as this mod sticks to a 100W power output. [caption id="attachment_3747" align="aligncenter" width="600"]ijoy-capo-squonk-kit (2) IJOY CAPO SQUONK KIT PRE-ORDER[/caption] IJOY CAPO SQUONK is a premium quality kit however, offering a big front OLED screen displays, a big fire button, a food-grade silicone SQUONK bottle holding a generous 9 ML of liquid, and the unique top battery slot with top loaded battery cap for the safety and ease of battery replacement. [caption id="attachment_3734" align="aligncenter" width="600"]ijoy-capo-squonk-kit2 IJOY CAPO SQUONK KIT PRE-ORDER[/caption] Of course, IJOY’s big thing has always been their aggressive 20700 batteries, which aims to show off the company’s prowess in battery-compatibility. And the IJOY CAPO SQUONK is surprisingly taking a step further with the use of 21700 batteries. Just as the company said, “A single battery Box Mod but a dual 18650 batteries life, that is IJOY CAPO 100.” There's no firm details at the moment, but we'd expect IJOY to be unveiling the CAPO SQUONK KIT in late October, with more enhanced features. Next Article: Upcoming Vape Mods 2017 (Part Ⅱ) | Trusted Reviews