Smoant RABOX Mini Mod Review
RABOX is packaged in a square paper box with color blending of red and black which is eye-catching. The most interesting thing is the pattern on the box because you have no idea why this person feels excited when watching something using a telescope. The box lid is too tight and you need to hold the lid and keep tossing it several times to open it. Once there was a pair of notches shaped like a semicircle and somehow the two notches have disappeared since 2016. Act like tossing the box lid to open it seems to become quite common. I hope the design of a pair of notches in 2017 will come back for the purpose of convenience. This time it accompanies paper materials in the RABOX , including a product qualification certificate, a warning card of using the product, and two instruction cards of English and Chinese which indicates the version issued is the same from packaging and product at home and abroad. The instruction card is in line with the concept of environmental protection. The top right corner of the card is the signature of the designer. The box is very simple——a RABOX mod, a USB cable attached in a long carton, as to whether the mod can be upgraded by using USB cable, it is not clear at present. The warning card defines the mod’s waterproof on the back. Noted that in accordance with the contents of the warning card, the condensation or oil leaking in the mod would not cause damage to the PCB board, but try to prevent liquid and metal materials from falling into the inner part of the mod.  Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review RABOX mod is designed with the open style, that is to say, all bits and pieces of the PCB circuit board are all exposed in the air! According to official information, its main body is made of stainless steel tube with manual welding of gas tungsten arc welding(GTAW) that makes it more solid; high-temperature-resistance(up to 380℃)enamel is applied to the surface, which makes the surface more smooth and solid. On both sides of the mod uses the acrylic plates with advanced customization that is more transparent and flexible than traditional materials. The plates are fixed tight to the mod using hex screws. The RABOX is designed fully open, and the internal electronic components can be seen through space from outside. Looking around the mod, there is no display screen and regulating buttons, even the part under the ignition key is empty. This is consistent with the information previously disclosed by Smoant——RABOX is a mod designed in mechanical mode.  Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review Why mechanical mode? Although there is a lager-sized PCB plate in RABOX, only two output modes are set there——”Soft” full power mode and “High” constant voltage mode. The two output voltages are shifted by regulating a two-gear switch. Soft full power mode is set when the switch is put down. The working principle is the same as mechanical equipment that the voltage output of the mod is determined by the battery. When the switch is up, it’s shifted into High constant voltage mode, at this time the voltage output of the mod is 5V. The maximum power limit is 100W. The two gears can be matched with different atomizers. For example, tiny taste cigarette and finished atomizers can be used in Soft mode and dropping tar RDTA or big smoke atomizers of fancy coils can be used in High constant voltage mode, promoting the speed and capacity of heating. Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review  Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review The mod 510 port is made of stainless steel. In the middle is a familial gilded hexagonal spring electrode. What is worth mentioning is that the ignition key is made from steel ball which touches nice and sounds crisp, and more importantly it fits well as a whole. Both sides of the mod are installed a panel made of the crimson transparent acrylic material which is fixed to the mod by hexagon. Through the panel, PCB and every single electronic component can be seen. I was always curious about the part which says SMOANT RABOX in the middle and wonder which part it would be of this big mod. I finally knew it was a cap , under which it is a lithium polymer battery of 3300mAh. There is a fuse and a few LED light emission diodes on the left side of the battery, which will emit different lights during in use.  Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review  Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review When the power button is pressed and the mod starts working, power indicator light under the fuse on the PCB will be on for long as well as the green LED light will be on if the switch is on. And a red LED at its bottom will flicker at high frequency; LED light will change its color according to the electric quantity. Green when full power, 30-80% blue, and 5-30% red is a reminder of charging. Press power button 5 times continuously to start up, the electric quantity light and green light will be on for about two seconds, indicating that it turns on, when shutdown, three LED lights all turn off, indicating that it is shut down. In addition to the LED light, RABOX is equipped with a buzzer which will let out a sound “beeps”in accordance with LED lights. Especially in the shift of the two modes. From the other side, you can see the bottom of the PCB board, and the position of the USB port on the board doesn’t go the ordinary way and is located in the upper left corner with the tilt of about 45°. The acrylic panel on the back and the PCB are also fixed by hexagonal screws. It is difficult to disassemble without proper tools. I have tried RABOX to see how is it about its output. It uses common coils of ShenRay RDTA. The coils is wound 1/4 circle more, so the resistance is higher, around 0.2Ω.Through observing the smoke, the two modes of Soft and High are quite different, but under the two modes the output is powerful. It takes longer to heat the coils for the first time.  Smoant RABOX Mini Mod review Actual experience: RABOX features in its unique appearance design. The hollowed-out panel makes PCB visible. Multiple colorful LED lights render the mod polychrome. Simple frame matched with fuse, toggle switch, capacitance and LED lights has produced an effect of mechanical retro style. People say the modeling of the RABOX looks like water cold computer box. The effect of stroboflash of the red LED lights has added brilliance to the mod’s present splendor. I have said in the last article Dragon Ball Atomizer that unique-shaped atomizers should go with mods with unusual looks. RABOX has proved that in tar storage, tar dripping, RDTA and big smoke RTA. Atomizers with muscle-shaped of European style or weird modeling could coordinate well with RABOX. It’s a bold attempt to design RABOX like that, and I have found some problems when using it. 1. The transparent acrylic panel is tainted fingerprints easily and in reverse the fingerprints affect its transparency; 2. Though the PCB has nano-coating, it is still hard to clean and only wait to disappear when tar and condensate drip on it by accident; 3. It’s inconvenient to open because it’s fixed by hexagonal screws especially the panel in the backside of PCB and the PCB panel. It becomes harder when it comes to cleaning the acrylic panel due to its access to smoke and stains. It will become more convenient if the panels are fixed by magnetism. Finally, though weakness it has, RAROX of its unique appearance still enjoys popularity among Vapors.