How To Clean The E-Cigarette
Getting a bad aftertaste? Think your vape isn't working right? Hold off on the thought of tossing your vape away! Spare yourself time and cash spent on a replacement, for a good 5-10 minute clean may be all your e-cigarette needs. Like all things, vapor cigarettes eventually get dirty with particles such as dust or pocket lint. Cleaning is crucial especially in wet mods when e-liquid leaks inevitably happen, and whenever switching to a new flavor. Maintenance is key to long-lasting investment, a safe and satisfying vape, and avoiding the vaper's tongue altogether. Gather Materials For Cleaning Your E-Cig -Absorbent paper towel -Cotton swabs or Q-tips -Isopropyl alcohol, preferably 99% Quick and Easy E-Cigarette Cleaning Here's a step by step guide on how to properly clean an e-cig: How To Clean The E-Cigarette-3 1. Disassemble Your Vaping Device The first step to thorough cleaning is to carefully take your e-cigarette apart, including the empty tank or dry atomizer. If your device has a removable battery or batteries, pull them out and prep for cleaning as well. Now with all components spread out, let's get to work! 2. Clear Away Unwanted Particles From Your E-Cigarette Dust and fluff buildup tend to accumulate in the mouthpiece. Not only is it unsanitary and quite gross if left alone, but vapor also gets blocked. Clear them up then wipe down the body of your tank or mod thoroughly yet gently with a paper towel. That should clear away tiny particles and soak up any stuck up e-juice. Fold the paper towel then push into the top atomizer threads and twist away to clear up the smallest debris. Use a swab or q-tip dipped in isopropyl alcohol to find your way into grooves, ridges, and crevices. 3. Get Deep Inside E-Cig Compartments Clean the battery compartment using a paper towel. For battery terminals that are really dirty, moisten a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol and gently rub off the dirt and grime. Do the same with the battery charger connections. Rid your e-cig of any excess alcohol using a paper towel. Note: Use a dry paper towel as much as possible. You would not want any moisture to collect inside your device. When removing sticky e-juice residue with alcohol, be sure to allow ample time for your e-cig to completely dry. How To Clean The E-Cigarette 2 How to Clear Up The Atomizer or Tank Let's move forth to cleaning your atomizer or tank from where vapor is inhaled for the sake of hygiene and safety! Ready to build a new coil? Vapers using an RDA or RTA tank can simply remove the coil and burnt wick then throw in the trash. Want to keep your existing coil and put to good use? Grab some liquid soap and water. Wash all components from the base or deck, glass or sleeve, to the drip tip. Ensure cleanliness of tight spaces in your tank or atomizer. Dry thoroughly before putting all parts back together. Otherwise, any water or moisture could cause a short when building a new coil or placing a pre-built coil. How to Extend The Life Of Your Clearomizer Vapers using clearomizer tanks often find themselves stocking up a ton of replaceable heads. Ideally, the e-cig component can be cleaned every 3-4 weeks, or on every e-liquid switch to prolong its life for days, possibly weeks. Remove the top or bottom, depending on your e-cigarette model, same way during refilling. Fill the tank halfway with lukewarm water, cover the opening with your thumb then shake vigorously. Pour the dirty water out and repeat until water comes off clean. Dry and get all condensation out. To clear up the coil, you've got to dry burn your clearomizer for the gunk to sizzle away. Pulse the power gently in 2-3 second bursts, until it turns a deep red or orange glow. Scrape off dark flakes from the coil using ceramic tweezers. Allow to cool down completely then replace the wick. Once the vapor cigarette parts are put back in place, you'll never have to worry about flavor ghosting again. A bit of know-how in proper e-cig cleaning goes a long way. Follow through on our detailed instructions to ensure efficient vapor production, battery use, clear airflow, and batteries that won't fail you. Cheers to a great vape without coil gunk or liquid residue to offset great flavors!