Small Business Style- Experience of Joyetech eVic Primo Mini
Products of Joyetech's have a relatively simple appearances, much like the entry-level VTC Mini, long time looks will be dull. But the eVic series launched a small model biases of business style – Primo in Mini version, with improved appearance. I will make a personal experience to share at this time. Product Parameters Brand Name: Joyetech (Zhuo Eryue) URL: Model Number: eVic Primo mini Size:25mm*39mm*78mm Power:1~80W Material:zinc alloy Weight:82.5g Accessories ▲ Heaven and earth cover packaging, the pattern of host atomizer group printed in front, the host of Primo mini of eVic series and atomizer of Aries (Aries), some conventional parameters information printed on the back. ▲ conventional warranty card, brochures, atomizers and spare parts are completed. Product Appearance ▲Zinc alloy shell + carbon fiber stickers, size of it also belongs to small and slender among single-charged hosts, as the Mini version of Primo, besides the difference of size, the other is that the carbon fiber stickers are used in the plaster area, characterized by light, wear, mirror face. ▲The Ignition button located at the top of the side in a larger size, and press in a high comfort level; adjust buttons and Micro-usb located at the underside of the side, the layout of conventional buttons form a "Adorable Face", and the host support 2A fast charge maximumly. ▲ The diameter of the top is 25mm, benefit by their own slender volume, to match with conventional 24mm RDA is also very good. ▲ The bite force of push-pull switch of the battery jar at the bottom is moderate, installed many times did not meet loose phenomenon, and there are seven semi-circular cooling holes at the bottom to auxiliary cooling. Basic Operation ▲ Starting up at conventional 5, the 1.3-inch OLED screen looks quite big, and the data is displayed comprehensively. ▲ Press ignition button 3 times to get it mode switch, power / bypass / temperature control / TCR / Start / RTC; other modes are common in daily, I asked the manufacturers and known that the start mode is equal to a memory mode, install a core up , and adjust to the corresponding power to work, the machine will remember current power of this resistor, and changed for the other core of the resistance, adjust the other power to work, it will remember another set of data, when changed the resistance used before, no more need to re-adjust, and it will work in accordance with the memory of the power of adjusting corresponding resistance to work directly. ▲ RTC means Real-Time Clock, time adjustment under RTC mode is to press ignition button 4 times, then press the right button to switch to display the digital clock, and then press the left button to switch to the corresponding adjustment of the date and time, to press right button to adjust, after adjustment, the clock in standby time will also be synchronized in display. ▲ Hold pressing the ignition button + right key to enter the setup menu, followed by the screen time, LOGO display and pre-heat mode, compared to taste curves of DNA, Yihai and other companies, the biggest role of pre-heat is to fasten initial temperature, and will cultivate different experience at the high-explosive at start-up and gentle follow-up. Ignition Testing ▲ I tested the output of ignition, the data was kuken A1 24G 3.0 7 laps, at double 0.28Ω60w test, the speed was ok, which could delay in 0.6 or so, matching with the drip atomizer and carry a extra battery daily is also enough for a day to use. Internal Structure ▲ I did not find how to dismantle at first, and later blown the skin and found the screws, one T5 screw on each side, and one at the bottom. ▲ Disassemble overview, the circuit board has a button cell, which ought to be used to save data for clock mode, the battery compartment also has plastic tube insulation. ▲ 1.3-inch OLED screen, and the arc-shaped plastic cover, the eyes of "Adorable Face" pull out! Atomizer ▲ The suit paired with a finished atomizer - Aries, in 25mm diameter, 4ml tank, and with 0.25Ω and 0.4Ω atomization core. ▲ The clamshell design on the top is convenient to facilitate oil, a nozzle for the jacket is in unconventional size, which can adapt to 510 mouths but not in good-looking. ▲ More common design, dismantling for five parts, including a nozzle, head cover, glass bin, atomization core, pedestal. ▲ Draw resistance is acceptable, I found that there are 5 types of atomizer core fitted through checking information, and all of them are in common finished core structure, taste and great smog are chosen freely. Small Summary The single-charged host with simple style in appearance, their own mini version of Primo, has the most fantastic appearance of the eVic series which excels much more of the VTC, the overall style bias of the business style, and multi-color design makes more choices; From the point of size, there is no big difference with the single-charged host basically, and the weight is relatively light, while the display upgrade to 1.3-inch that has a more comprehensively show of data; The chip’s mode except for the conventional power/temperature control, the rest parts are bypass / Start/preheat, although not much but also more than one style to play; Nowadays, the products are already very mature, choosing the host not only to the good-looking, the rest is the sense and portable these two aspects. In general, this type single-charged small host with 80W is sufficient to deal with daily usages. The commentary only represents the personal views, and hope you can point that error, thanks for reading.