Justfog Minifit Max Kit Review | Still Worth Buying?

A pod system kit is supposed to be simple and tiny! And that's the reason for its emergence. If we come up with the most representative pod system kits on the market, I think it should be the Justfog Minifit Pod Kit without any doubt! Its extremely compact size is still unapproachable by now and that's the reason why it could have been so successful. Up to now, you can see it's still sold in local vape shops and e-cig online shops! After a long sale period, the original Minifit has been brought in the upgrade plan. And here it is, the Justfog Minifit Max Kit.


Justfog Minifit Max Kit

Initial Thoughts

Justfog Minifit Max Kit

The design remains the same! As a matter of fact, the actual improvement is the battery only which has been added up to 650mAh. So it becomes much longer! As for the rest, nothing has been changed at all! 

But the whole dimension is still under great control! It's still the most compact pod system kit I've ever seen by far(leave aside the previous version). Facing more and more pod mod kits on the current market, the Justfog Minifit Max Kit may be the answer that Justfog company made to all the consumers! 

Interestingly, the origin has been kept totally, even the packaging! Compared to more and more delicate packages and generous replacements from competitive companies, the packaging of Justfog Minifit Max Kit is a little bit stingy! Most importantly, there's only one pod cartridge inside the packaging which I'm not satisfied with!

The Battery Module

Justfog Minifit Max Kit

As mentioned above, the profile design still remains the same! That means there're no adjustments to the entire appearance design. To be honest, it's hard to imagine a fairly outdated design style could live this long. Two years ago, the most compact pod system kit, Justfog Minifit Pod Kit, was released! Two years later, it has been released one more time! If you don't give attention to the appearance design on a vape product, I'll advise you to take a further comparison between the past products and the present products from any of vape companies like Smok or Voopoo. The apparent answer is the appearance design style becomes more and more important by comparing to flavor and vapor production. Assume that the appearance is irrelevant, so the flavor and vapor will be the only criterion to measure a vape product.

Back to business, if you've used the previous Minifit kit, you'll get started with the Max version easily! Not only the entire design has not been changed, but the actual operations also remain the same! As a button-activated pod device, pressing the button to activate or run the device is what we're familiar with! And the trio LED indicators also sends out a familiar smell! 

The Pod Cartridge


I know what you're muttering about when you see the pictures above, and the answer is you're right! The pod cartridge is the same one which you install on the previous Justfog Minifit Pod Kit. That precisely explains why the battery module of Justfog Minifit Max Kit has become longer instead of fatter! The same airflow inlets, the same refilling hole, the same mouthpiece, and the same integrated OCC coil are all you're familiar with! 


Quick Comparison

Justfog Minifit Max Kit

So I think it'll be meaningless to compare the former and the latter! But I know all of you are interested in finding out some differences between them! Now you know that the max version is longer which also has a 'bigger' 650mAh interior rechargeable battery, and nothing could be found then! 



Justfog Minifit Max Kit

Let's just jump into the conclusion directly. As far as I'm concerned, the biggest virtue of the Justfog Minifit Max Kit is its well-controlled size! Admittedly, the ultra-portable size design is still a huge advantage for Justfog Minifit series products to seize the market and consumers after two years! For those pod vape lovers, the balance to the size and weight is under meticulous considerations by vape manufacturers. Apparently, the benefits brought by those considerations are beyond measure. And it's undeniably that those consumers, as easily users of Justfog Minifit Pod Kit, will be pleased to pay for this kind of design! 

But after all, two years have passed! I'm muttering to myself who still uses two-year-old vape products by now? Does your Smoant S8 Pod Kit still work well? Can you still remember where you put your Shanlaan Laan Pod Kit? To be honest, I like the style of this Justfog Minifit Max Kit, whereas its performance is fairly not enough!

I've been using the Minifit Max for almost one week, the restricted MTL draw is greatly impressive. It's no exaggeration that I have the best MTL vaping experience on this kit among so many MTL pod devices. Its airflow resistance and suction experience are both top-notch! But the flavor is on the unexplainable side! I don't think it's an issue of liquid due to I've been using the same liquid on Voopoo Vinci Air Kit, Uwell Caliburn Pod Kit, etc. and it always serves well! At first, I thought it was caused by the lack of running-well between a new pod cartridge and the liquid. But after a whole morning, I realized I just over considered! The problem is the flavor delivered by the Minifit Max is under a satisfactory level. 

Just like what I've kept saying all the time through the whole review, it's been two years! It's hard to imagine can a two-year-old vape product still hit the spots on the current market like before? The market will prove that, whereby we shall see that!




  • Minifit Pod
  • Size: 21 x 15 x 28mm
  • E-juice Capacity: 1.5ml
  • Resistance: 1.6ohm Coil
  • Minifit Battery
  • Size: 16.0 × 22.0 × 81.0mm
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Input voltage: 4.5V~6V
  • Output voltage: 3.25V~3.65V


Package Includes:

  • Minifit Max battery * 1
  • Minifit POD* 1
  • USB cable* 1
  • Manual* 1



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