Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?
More and more smokers are turning to electronic cigarettes to break the old habit. E-cigs vaped rather than smoked, are deemed the safer alternative. Considering the form of tobacco harm-reduction is recently new in the market, the term vaping tends to confuse most people. Smoker or not, one can better comprehend with a side by side comparison as to how each can affect their health. Here's to answer the big question, "Is vaping better than smoking?" Smoking VS Vaping - Health and Safety Concerns Conventional cigarettes expose the smoking individual to health risks many are well-aware of. E-cigarettes' chemical composition implicate less harm with lower exposure. I. TheHarm In Smoking Cigarettes When a person smokes, the tobacco in the cigarette and literally thousands of other constituents are combusted. These chemical elements are lit up and burned, and inhaled by the one smoking. No wonder, second-hand smoke remains a horrid truth, causing numerous problems extending to non-smokers. What Happens During Combustion? Combustion produces a huge amount of carcinogens that are present in cigarette smoke, which becomes evident upon blowing out smoke on a napkin. It instantly turns yellow due to the various carcinogen-containing particles. Tobacco cigarette smoke holds at least 70 chemicals proven to cause cancer and yield high impact to bodily organs, whether directly or indirectly. The Avoidable Deaths Smoking leads to the development of illnesses ranging from minor health issues such as a cough to the more serious conditions like lung cancer or heart disease. Every year, six million people die world over due to smoking- in a death that could have been avoided had they not smoked or stopped earlier. [caption id="attachment_292" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Is Vaping Better Than Smoking image Is Vaping Better Than Smoking image[/caption]   II. Vaping As A Better Alternative Vaping appears to be the lesser evil as some people see it. There are those who claim the act thereof causes potential health risks. To date, the biggest concern linked to an e-cig is dependence, given the presence of nicotine in most e-liquids. This only shows e-cigs to be far less of a risk compared to acquiring cancer and heart attack from a regular cigarette. Nicotine In E-Liquids The heating device built in an e-cig turns the e-liquid or e-juice into vapor which you inhale whenever you take a drag. Despite containing nicotine, the liquid often arrives with fewer concentrations than normal cigarettes. Moderate vaping poses no harm, for risks are prominent only when one vapes at ridiculously high temperatures. Nobody would really want to ruin their vape experience with a bad burnt taste due to extreme heat. Quality E-Cig For A Safer Vape Note that not all vaporizers can actually heat up the liquid without combusting it. That's why it's very important that you get a quality e-cig device from a trusted brand in the first place. With a reliable e-cigarette on hand like the Asvape Michael VO200 TC Box Mod, you would be safely inhaling vapor or steam instead of the harmful cigarette smoke. Vaping VS Smoking - Which Is Better? While no scientific study has come up with solid proof of life-threatening consequences if one vape, there is one study though showing how vaping makes a more favorable choice. Smokers turned vapers had substantially fewer toxins and cancer-causing agents inside their bodies, all within a 6-month timeframe. You can see how e-cigarettes offer a better option to smokers looking for safer ways to pacify their cravings.