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(Product Story: On Oct 26th, 2019, Dovpo brought their new upcoming device, Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit and Dovpo SQ Topside Squonk Mech Mod,  to the Vape Expo in NEC Birmingham. Now, let's jump into the review)

It's undeniable that the huge success the Dovpo Topside Squonk Mod has achieved brings so much to Dovpo and the consumers at the same time. With the great innovations made, Dovpo has gained a lot from the market. The fame and the benefits. On the other hand, that innovation also broadens the consumers' horizons that simple and practical changes will provide a brand-new user experience.

Obviously, Dovpo didn't want to stop there. After that, they continuously launched Dovpo Topside Dual Squonk Mod and Dovpo Topside Dual Carbon Squonk Mod that both aimed to improve user experience to the utmost extent! And this time, they gave us something innovative as well, the Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit.

Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit

Initial Thoughts

Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit

Someone out there may be familiar with this product concept. Actually, Geekvape just launched their Geekvape Aegis Squonk Kit a few months ago, which features the same transformation design. If you want to do squonk actions, you just keep the mod as it is. And if you do like something simple, you can easily switch this Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit into a regular mod within 5 seconds. That's pretty impressive!

The highlight of Topside series devices is filling the silicone bottle from the top straightly instead of taking it off first! As long as this kind of design exists, I think the majority of vapers all tend to choose it!

The Squonk Mod

Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit

The main specifications of the Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit are fairly the same as the original topside mod. Powered by a single 20700/21700 battery and the maximum output is 90w. Frankly, even it allows you to use a 18650 battery with an adapter to power on the device, I don't recommend doing that due to its short standby time.

And the screen is also identical to the original topside mod. 0.96" OLED monochrome screen is not that perfect, but the clarity and brightness are both comfortable to use.

Also, there're a few functions you can switch to use. Now, let me list them below!

Press the fire button 3 times continuously to lock the fire button. Once you do this, you can not fire up but you can still adjust the working parameters like wattage, voltage, etc.

Press the fire button and 'down' button continuously to enter the menu. Then, you can switch through different modes like VW, Bypass, TCR, TC, and system stats.

Press 'up' and 'down' button continuously to lock the adjustment buttons. Once you do this, you can not adjust the working parameters anymore but you can still fire up the device.

That's it. Actually, those practical functions are necessary for different vaping styles. And the menu function is fairly straightforward and easy to get started with.

The Squonk Module

Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit

Different from Geekvape Aegis Squonk Kit that you need to screw off the main screws to take off the squonk module, it'll be much easier for you to take apart this Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit.

There's a strong magnet on the bottom of the two sections respectively to ensure that there are no accidental falls. And there's a special juice tunnel screw on the top to connect these two sections as well. On the other hand, that's how your liquid travels from the silicone bottle to the inner of the RDA.

That squonk module is detachable, but it's not easy to do that as usual! You need to remove a few screws on the top and sides, then take off the bottle. But actually, there's no extra squonk bottle in the package.

And it's fairly easy and efficient to refill the bottle as always. Screw off the bottle cap then squeeze your liquid inside. And the capacity is also 10ml.

The Regular Module

Just like what I said above, it'll cost you only 5 seconds to turn this squonk mod into a regular mod. But how to do that? Simply screw off the juice tunnel screw and assemble it with the regular module. And you don't need to worry about losing that screw accidentally, because you'll get two extra screws from the package!

The connection design between these two modules is almost the same. Bottom magnet and top screws. It's just that the regular module comes with a shorter rubber 'screw'. Due to the strong magnets and lighter weight, the regular module just sticks to the main mod tightly!


Frankly, I'm a little curious about why Dovpo launched an RDA kit instead of a single squonk mod. After all, the price of this kit and the original squonk mod is fairly similar!

The Variant RDA is a super simple device. It's just so simple that I can not find too many accurate words to describe. Simple cap with airflow adjustment ring, simple building deck and simple 810 drip tip.

Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit

But I have to say I like some specifications of this RDA features. The bottom cap lock mechanism and the deep juice well.

Personally, I always like to twist my RDA or sub-ohm tanks very tightly to the mod. That's also such a pain in the ass for me to unscrew it. But this Variant RDA just makes it easy, no matter how tight it is!

And the deep juice well also pleased me a lot. There're no obvious holes on the bottom of the deck, unlike other squonk RDA. The liquid you pump into the RDA will evenly spread all around from the middle gap on the bottom, which will make the cotton saturate more straightforward.

The Verdict

Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit

So, it's time to wrap it up. And of course, I want to tell you guys some of my thoughts on this Dovpo Topside Lite Squonk Kit.

The first con will be the plastic regular module! I don't know how Dovpo determined to do this. Seriously, that module just makes this whole kit like a bargain. All I want to say is that the transformation design concept is the highlight of this entire kit, but it seems like Dovpo doesn't think so. At least, the material of both modules should be the same!

And also, the connection between the regular module and the main body could be much better. Frankly, I think it'll be the best 2-in-1 squonk mod if the regular module is made of the same material!

Another con is that there's no replacement silicone bottle inside the package. Even it's not convenient to take out the bottle from the squonk module, an extra bottle is pretty necessary!

As for the pros, I can tell you it's a beautiful squonk mod. The combination between the transparent squonk module and the black main body just makes itself much more outstanding. And the transformation design concept is another pro.

Compatible with 21700/20700/18650 battery is also a pro. 90w output and 0.96" OLED screen are both pros. Last but not least, the Variant RDA really impressed me, which is also a pro.


  • Material: Polycarbonate+ PCTG
  • Size: 97.5mm * 58.0mm * 28.2mm
  • Display: 0.96" OLED Screen
  • Output Wattage: 5-90W
  • Temperature Range: 100-315°C/200-600°F
  • Input Voltage: 3.2V-4.2V
  • Output Voltage: 0.8V-8.5V
  • Resistance: 0.08ohm-3.50ohm

Kit Includes:

  • Dovpo Topside Lite mod * 1
  • Dovpo Variant RDA* 1
  • Squonk battery cover* 1
  • Plain battery cover* 1
  • Battery adaptor sleeve* 1
  • Accessory pack* 1
  • USB Cable* 1
  • User Manual* 2
  • Warranty Card* 1


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