Damn Vape Dread RDA Preview

Damn Vape Dread RDA is a 24mm-diameter rebuildable dripping atomizer, with a durable stainless steel construction and "trident-post" build deck designed for use with a special Lolly coil build. Lolly coils are stovetop-style coils designed specifically to prevent your wicks from burning in the event of your cotton running dry. Included in the kit is a wrapping tool to help you create extra Lolly coils. The Dread BF uses a honeycomb-style airflow for plenty of circulation, and allows air to hit the entire surface of the coil. The airflow is completely adjustable via the 12-sided rotator at the top of the RDA. Comes with a standard 810 Resin drip tip and two prewrapped Lolly coils. If you're a flavor chaser looking for a unique experience with RDAs, check out the Dread 24mm BF RDA by Damn Vapes!


Height: 24mm 

Diameter: 24mm 

Material: Stainless steel

Drip tip type: 810 Resin

The Details Of Damn Vape Dread RDA

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