CoilArt Azeroth RDTA Tank
With this, you have more wicking ports and a large building room. What is more is that it is gold plated on bridge clamps and has a center pin for contact. This way, you do not have to worry about the contact’s conductivity levels. For adequate air and vapor, the product has an adjustable airflow feature. In addition to that, the product comes with additional features such as golden and black tanks. However, there is no stainless steel version of this product available but I do not think that is a cause of concern for anybody. coilart-azeroth-rdta2 As for the price, on the product’s official website, you will get the product at around $45.99. However, the website sometimes gives offers like coupons and other form of discounts. Always look out for these for better deals. Even with that price, you notice that getting such a product with the material, the quality of its plating, its amazing design and the magic in its craftsmanship, the price is very fair. What are the thoughts on this product? Looking at the physical design of this product, we would like to review each part of it starting with its bottom. coilart-azeroth-rdta3 The bottom of this product has an adjustable 510 Pin that serves as its connector. Here, you also see the details of the name and designer of the tank. The details are engraved in a manner that you can feel the letters with your fingers and there are no signs that they will come off anytime in the near future. In addition to that, the bottom part of the tank has patterns that aim to increase its friction making it easier for both assembly and disassembly. coilart-azeroth-rdta4
The juice reservoir and the walls For its security, the juice reservoir has two O-rings that prevent the liquid from spilling but are easy to come off when the need arises. On the other hand, the walls of the tank are very thick. However, they allow you to see machining features inside of them and they do not hurt. coilart-azeroth-rdta5
The build deck As aforementioned, this product has a goon-style deck that has bridge posts. These bridge posts have screws that that ensure there is security to the wire heads. Looking closely, you will notice that the positive post has a neat insulation and steadily secured to the deck. The screws used are visibly strong, always in check and have a very tight attachment. coilart-azeroth-rdta6 However, one of the bridge post cons is that it does not work well with coils that have a larger diameter than the screws between them. In addition to that, you cannot adjust the spaces, the screws are not long enough and putting a larger diameter wire will simply make them to bounce off. coilart-azeroth-rdta7 For the coils to use, you can try the Clapton Kanthal, Clapton Alien and notch coil all of which work perfectly. However, you may have problems installing Alien but once in place, it works perfectly. While at it, you should be very careful when cutting the oil and carefully place them in a head-to-head manner so that each one of them takes half the width of the post. Caution is if you put them side by side or in a manner that they overlap, they will simply not work. coilart-azeroth-rdta7 With the deck assuming the shape of a cross, you have four wicking ports. The threaded edges provide security to sleeves that are gold plated. The sleeve is always smooth on either sides and provides you with the option of opening the product for the purposes of refilling. However, in some instances, you might need to remove one of the bridge’s screws especially when it seems to be protruding out of its normal diameter. coilart-azeroth-rdta9 Do not tighten it a lot because this would lead to the hole of refilling moving to either of the wicking ports causing the juice to pout down the cotton. When this happens, you might have problems refilling the juice. coilart-azeroth-rdta10 Another trick that you can use during refilling is loosening it a little bit so that you allow it to sit vertically over the bridge posts. Here, you can tighten it well and put in some considerable strength while moving it forward. On the other hand, you can screw it tightly into position and then spin it backwards for refilling purposes. We recommend that you use the first option because it saves energy. coilart-azeroth-rdta11 Looking at the outside parts of the golden sleeve, you will notice three O-rings. Two serves the purpose of tightening the inlet of air in the outside sleeve while the other is responsible for holding the bottom of the glass in place. The two rings work very well to secure the back sleeve making it hard to come off even if you can sometimes achieve that with your bare hands.
The sleeve This has an amazing finishing. With the brand’s logo, you can feel it through your fingers. The sleeve is black in color giving it a darker ambience. On its inside parts, they are stainless steel with both sides slanting for the purposes of easy airflow. coilart-azeroth-rdta12
About the product’s performance This product is more similar to the Limitless RDTA because it uses almost the same features. For instance, it has the same wattage coil and in addition to that, the flavors and vapor have no major differences. However, this does not mean that this product is the secondary version of the Limitless RDTA version. If anything, this has a good DIY possibility and it is easier for any user to attach anything to it. coilart-azeroth-rdta13 However, one con of this product is that its tank’s barrel is not long enough and is closer to the mouth. At times when using it, the users will feel their mouth getting hot. It does not have proper insulation. In addition to that, the cotton has a high chance of leaking during refilling leading to wastage of juice.