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Vapx Geyser 100W Pod Mod Kit

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Check out the Vapx Geyser 100W Pod Mod Kit, featuring an impressive steampunk style chassis construction and giant airflow adjustment valve to deliver a steamy flavorful vapor production. Formed from durable yet lightweight magnesium alloy material, the Geyser features an extremely lightweight chassis and an ergonomic body ratio that is able to be carried around with ease. Accommodates a single high-amp 21700 battery assembled via a simple installation method by removing the sideway battery cover to boost up the flavor performance within a maximum output of 100w. Moreover, adopts Buck-Boost Tech to stabilize the battery voltage regardless of the remaining battery capacity to maintain the stability of the entire power performance. Paired up with Dual AFC 45w Pod and Dual AFC 75w Pod that can be operated through a special bidirectional switch mechanism that allows you to pop off the pod cartridge by pushing the button backward and reopen the top cap to refill E-liquid by pushing the button forward. Furthermore, featuring Air Mesh mechanism optimized through dual airflow controllers to enhanced even airflow distribution for concentrated airflow delivery and release the full potentials of XCoil Model 10 and XCoil Model 15s to offer intensely flavored vapor enjoyment.


Vapx Geyser 100W Pod Mod Kit Features:

Magnesium Alloy Chassis Construction
Durable and Lightweight Body
Driven By Single Sony 21700 High-AMP Battery - 18650 Adapter Included
100w Maximum Wattage Output
Removable Sideway Battery Cover
Buck-Boost Tech - Battery Voltage Stability
Special Bidirectional Switch Mechanism -
(Push Backward to Release the Pod
Push Forward to Open the Refill Cap)
Air Mesh Mechanism - Dual Airflow Controller
Dual AFC 45w Pod(6.5ml)
Dual AFC 75w Pod(5.0ml)
XCoil Model 10 0.25Ω - Only Compatible with 45W Pod
XCoil Model 15s 0.23Ω - Only Compatible with 75W Pod
1.2A USB-C Charging


Vapx Geyser 100W Pod Mod Kit Specifications:

Size: 108 x 51 x 31.8mm
Capacity: 6.5ml/ 5.0ml
Battery Type: Single Sony 21700/18650 Adapter Included)
Airflow Type: Air Mesh - Dual Airflow Controller
Coil Type: XCoil Model 10 0.25Ω
XCoil Model 15s 0.23Ω


Packaging Includes:

Standard Edition:

1 x Geyser Pod Mod
1 x Dual AFC 75W Pod
1 x Dual AFC 45W Pod
1 x Model 10 Coil 0.25Ω
1 x Model 15S Coil 0.23Ω
1 x INR 21700 Battery(40X) 4000mAh
1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
1 x Type-C Cable

Standard Edition(No Battery):

1 x Geyser Pod Mod
1 x Dual AFC 75W Pod
1 x Dual AFC 45W Pod
1 x Model 10 Coil 0.25Ω
1 x Model 15S Coil 0.23Ω
1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
1 x Type-C Cable

Southeast Asia Edition:

1 x Geyser Pod Mod
1 x Dual AFC 75W Pod
1 x Model 15S Coil 0.23Ω
1 x 18650 Battery Adapter
1 x Type-C Cable



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