What is an Electronic Cigarettes?


E-cigarette also known as vaping is an electronic device that is handheld and smoked like a cigarette. The difference here is that e-cig contains liquids that are turned into vapor and then smoked. It tries to recreate the feeling of smoking tobacco and is used substantially by people who are trying to quit smoking. It is thought to be a healthier alternative to actual cigarettes and is becoming very popular especially among teenagers.
The liquids contained in the smoke may range from nicotine, propylene, glycol, and glycerin. Flavors are also added to the liquid. Some e-cigs don’t contain the nicotine in the e-liquid. Different people practice vaping for various reasons. The majority does it for recreational purposes; others do it to reduce the health risk, others to quit smoking and others to save money. It is not seen to lessen the need to smoke for those people who take an e-cig together with tobacco cigarettes and may even to direr side effects.
Smoking an e-cigarette

What is an Electronic CigarettesYou turn on the e-cig and adjust the voltage to the lowest possible setting. Before you begin, make sure there is enough e-liquid in your cigarette. Place the top end of the cigarette in your mouth and take a slow and steady draw until the vapor fills your mouth. The process is similar to how a cigar is smoked. You don’t inhale the smoke directly into the lungs like you would the tobacco from a cigarette.
When the vapor is in the mouth, hold it there for two to five seconds then proceed to inhale it to the lungs or exhaling it through your nose or mouth.
The effect of the vapor is felt almost immediately because absorption to the body is through the mucous membranes in the mouth unlike for the tobacco cigarette that takes up to 10 seconds.
E-cigarette impact on health


What is an Electronic Cigarettes
The concerns over the smoking the vapor contained in the e-cig are becoming more and more pressing. Many argue that the health hazards are minimal in comparison to smoking actual cigarettes and even though that may be the case, the side effects associated with vaping should not be ignored. People who smoke them have experienced mouth sores that take time to heal and bleeding gums. The vapor causes the muscles in the mouth to swell and this could result in severe gum destruction and lead to the loss of teeth. Mouth cells are also heavily impaired by the vapor and this could affect the movement of the lips, leading to interference of speech and smiling, and upset the motion of the mouth.
The e-cig may also harm the lung cells and cause irreversible damage to them. The vapors may also contain chemicals that may lead to cancer cells growing in the areas exposed to the smoke. E-cigarettes make it hard for the body to heal itself because they destroy the cellular component that necessitates repairing of the cells. The nicotine contained in the e-cig increase the chances of getting a heart attack and stroke and also raises the prospect of having high blood pressure.

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