What are the classifications of E-liquid?
Both old and new customers, when they take an order, they would ask me for another E-liquid menu each time. According to the author’s survey, 95% of the players cannot count all the classifications of E-liquid completely. And of all the categories appearing on the market, fruits, butter, tobacco and dairy are the most common ones. Today, the author prepares a detailed classification of E-liquid for the readers as a reference: What are the classifications of E-liquid? Categories: 1、Fruits 2、Health care 3、Tobacco 4、Drinking 5、Dairy 6、Foods 7、Herbs 1、Fruits flavored E-liquid This type of E-liquid is the most common one, but it is also the first choice of all players when they start to play. Fruits flavored E-liquid, as is implied by the name, is made from the fruits that we usually see or eat, for example, apples, juicy peach, blackberry, strawberry, cherry, lemon, Hami melon, sweet melon, grape, grapefruit, passion fruit, watermelon, pineapple, coconut, banana, litchi, fruit, kiwifruit, orange, almond, apricot, black walnut, cinnamon, dark plum, red delicious apple, hazelnuts, oranges, mangoes, peanuts, pear, raspberries, jujube, pomegranate, fruit picnic, melon, etc. If the ingredients are safe enough, 99% of them can accept this kind of fruits flavored E-liquid which is in the selection of food grade fruit flavor, such as TFA, Fa, Fw, Cap, Hellwig and so on. In this way, it is in higher similarity with the original ones. And you would not feel the heavy chemical taste (also to avoid so-called “too fragrant” phenomenon). Of course, if someone doesn’t like eating some kinds of fruits, like apples and durian, they just need to avoid such fruits.2、Health care flavored E-liquid No modesty to say, the author has the rare healthcare flavored E-liquid in the market, like breath freshener, mouth freshener, no taste, big Ma, health 1, health 2 and vitamins. And many players question: Is it effective? Just have a try, it is not a big deal.3、Tobacco flavored E-liquid Many players ask me: Does tobacco flavored E-liquid taste like the real one? Not really. It is impossible to taste like the real one because the cigarettes are taken in by burning while the E-liquid is taken in by steaming. Sure, if you want to add some tar into E-liquid to make it taste more like a real one, you would rather take the cigarettes. You know, there are 44 kinds of cigarettes (including home and aboard) : Marlboro, cigar, camel, Benson&Hedges, Wrigley, Kurt, Mild Seven, Newport, Peace, Paramount, Sharon, Seven Stars, 555, Lucky, Seven Star Menthol, Davidoff, Flue-cured tobacco type, Lambert, Thick Incense, Light Incense, Virginia, Winston, Changhong, GM, Benson, Black Devil, Mixed, Custer, Cherry Cigar, Cohiba, Dunhill, French Pipe, Golden Virginia, Hilton, Indonesia’s 234 Clove Smoke, Indonesia Sambo Lin Clove Cigarettes, Indonesian Salt Warehouse Clove Smoke, Indonesian Salt High Warehouse Clove Cigarettes, Indonesia DaJimu Cigarettes, ZhongHua, Ryan, FuRongwang, Liqun, Yuxi. 4、Drinking flavored E-liquid Tea E-liquid also belongs to this category. There are 40 kinds of various tastes, for example, Pepsi Cola, Red Bull, Coffee, Cola, Green Arrow, Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Tea, Dr Pepper, Cappuccino, Caramel, Mocha Caramel, Coconut Milk, Milk Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Milky Tea, Mung Bean, Rolled Oats, Champagne, Cream, Eggnog, Red Wine, Rum, Whiskey, French Brandy, Brandy, Bitter Almond Liquor, Beer, Black Currant, Butter Rum, Honey, Bubble Gum, Butterscotch, Cheesecake, Vanilla bourbon whiskey, Rum grape ice cream, cotton candy, ice cream, waffles, Tieguanyin. Recommendations are Tieguanyin, (ice) Red Bull, (ice) Black Tea, Green Tea, Red Wine and Milky Tea. 5、Dairy flavored E-liquid If you have a special taste for sweet, dairy flavored E-liquid must be your favorite guest. Plus adequate sweetener, it tastes extremely delicious. Recommendations for both mothers and grandmothers are Vanilla cream and Banana dessert. 6、Food flavored E-liquid Basically, food flavored E-liquid tastes a kind of milk flavor, being a little sweet, like Grandmaster, Dusk memory, Mint chocolate, Strawberry cheesecake, Castle Long Clone, Master, and Commander, Got Cookie, Strawberry Pineapple Cake, Cosmic Fog, Gambit, Lemon Drop, Pineapple Cake. Recommendations are Grandmaster and Got Cookie. 7、Herbs flavored E-liquid If you see someone try ginger or mustard, don’t be surprised. Only if it exists, it is reasonable. There must be someone who likes it or hate it. Doing a research, the author randomly sends out two bottles of ginger and fennel to the winner, but still fails to receive the feedback of this man. Maybe he has thrown them. The author’s heart aches for his oil. 19 categories:vanilla, mint, peppermint, jasmine, rose, rosemary, spearmint, sweet-scented osmanthus, cloves, ginger, ginseng, medlar, lavender, licorice, chamomile, mustard, cocoa, angelica, fennel. Above are the seven main categories of E-liquid, how many do you remember? Actually, just knowing something of the classification is enough because vape merchants from all over the world are still working hard to produce new products. What the author has classified is just a tip of the iceberg. What really matters is to try more. Suggest to buy 5MI for use, which is cheap and you can enjoy different kinds of flavor. Vaping is the future The future is now    

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