Vaping Courtesy and Common Sense
While vaping smells better to you (and those around you) than smoking tobacco products, you need to make sure you are courteous and respectful to those around you. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are smokeless products– unlike cigarettes or cigars – so people are often moved to vape anywhere, at any time. But you should fight the urge to vape without considering your surroundings. Use common sense, common courtesy and local laws when vaping. In many areas, any ordinance governing the public use of tobacco will apply to e-cigarettes. Look for signs at the establishment you are visiting, many have notices posted about their policy on vaping. And if you see a sign that references traditional cigarettes not being permitted, you can presume the electronic variety are not welcome either. The common sense aspect should be easy. For instance, don’t spend hours vaping; products are intended for intermittent use. Don’t put things in your vaporizer that aren’t made for the intended purpose. Only charge your battery with the charger provided with purchase, or a verified replacement. Violating common sense guidance can cause many issues with your vape. Common courtesy can be more difficult to navigate, since it is unfortunately open to personal interpretation. Let’s think about it in terms of clouds of perfume. How does it affect you when you head out for a nice supper with the family, and the lady at the table next to yours has seemingly bathed in stale, overpowering perfume? It can be offensive, and no one wants to be off-putting to those around them. While we know that vaping smells infinitely better than stale, choking cigarette smoke, it can still be unfavorable to some if you have a strongly scented flavor. Since what you find to be courteous may be the opposite to others; here are some ideas to help you make the best choices while vaping: Ask Permission When in doubt, whether it is a restaurant, your friend’s birthday party at the park, or even in your own home or car if you have company, just ask if it will bother anyone if you vape. If you were smoking a regular cigarette you’d hopefully ask; so go make the same consideration while vaping . And if the response is no, or “I’d rather you not…” you’ve shown them you care enough to hold off, then just step away and find a better place to vape. Be Mindful of Your Vape Clouds. If you’re with others, pay attention to where your vapor is going. You don’t have to worry about the ember slowly burning and irritating smoke wafting about like that of a regular cigarette, but you still must be mindful of where you are exhaling your vapor. If you were not vaping or are not a vaper, would you want somebody else’s clouds in your face? Likely not. So mind the space around you. Help Clear Up Misconceptions. Even as the use of e-cigarettes becomes more widespread, there is still a bit of misunderstanding about them, especially as products continue to evolve. You should be prepared for some quizzical looks or requests for information. In short, when you are vaping, you are participating in an action that less than 5% of the population has experienced, which creates a simple equation for curiosity. If you are uncomfortable with discussing your vaping habits, don’t vape in public. Think About Those Around You. Everyone has the right – within various legal boundaries – to vape when and where they would like to, but that doesn’t always mean you should. If we use a bit more common courtesy, and consider those around us, it might help make everyone a little happier. Maintaining a sensible perspective on the where, when, and how you vape will make all the difference between generally acceptable and disrupting behavior. And we can all use a little more happy in our lives.