Vape Tricks Tutorial for Beginners: How to Blow O's

Needless to say, Those cool enough vape tricks like O's appeal to vape beginners strongly! And I just guess those awesome vape tricks may be the main reason of some beginners to try e-cigarette out for the first time!


But it's not easy to get the key of doing that like blowing O's, bane inhale, French inhale, triple exhale, etc. As for vape beginners, it's always hard to do. So here is a short tutorial of blowing vape O's for those vape starters!


Step 1: Inhale


Actually, this part is the easiest to do among all vape tricks. Yep, it's not a vape trick.


If you use a pod system kit or pen kit or box mod kit or squonk kit. No matter what vape devices you use now to do this, it still comes like this: Pressing the fire button of your device and inhaling the vapor to your throat or your lungs.


That's the first step you should do before blowing your first vape O's. If you have read or watched some vape tricks tutorials before, you will find different step 1 to do. Someone told you to suck the vapor into your mouth, some told you to keep it in your throat or some told you to inhale the vapor into your lungs directly. Well, everybody just has their own style. So before you try to do your own vape tricks, you need to find your own way which is best for you! That's pretty important!


Step 2: Shape Your Mouth


The step 2 is the most important in this vape tricks. Frankly, the success of all vape tricks you do just depend on how you shape your mouth. That's why most vape beginners always fail to do vape tricks from the beginning!


vape tricks


And this step actually is not difficult: Just follow the pic above to do! You just make your lips look like an 'O'. Then, Keep your tongue flat at the bottom of your mouth and towards the back of your throat. That's easy to shape in that way!


Well, just like the step 1. Actually there's no one right way to shape your mouth or lips. Just do that in the way you feel comfortable!


Step 3: Blow O's Out


So here we are. The main part of this trick is to blow out the vapor you sucked to make it into 'O'. If you have practiced the first two steps above as much as possible, the step 3 will be more natural to do.


vape tricks


The core of this step is coughing! Just like how we do it when we caught a cold. Or you can imagine how you cough when you get choked up. But it's not way too strong or sharp. If you want to blow some O's out, you have to adjust the strength of the cough.


Honestly, step 3 will need your much more time to practice. For sure, Blowing O's  is a quite easy and simple vape trick. Well, it's also the basic vape trick at the same time if you want to do some other advanced vape tricks, such as double/triple O's and jellyfish, etc.


blow O's


Alright, Here's the tutorial of blowing O's. If you get a vape device and read this article already, you will find it's actually not difficult to do at all. Keep practicing more, you can make it!


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Thanks for reading!