The method of leak-proof for E-juice.
Vaping enthusiasts know that the bottom air intake is a little more advanced than top airflow, also with the better taste. There are more vapers prefer to buy the atomizer with bottom airflow system. So how do you achieve the leak-proof for bottom air intake? I would like to mention my use of experience. The first point, the atomizers of bottom air intake can guarantee that the e-liquid will not leak if you choose the bottom filling. The second point, to select the top filling one, make sure to draw out the oil in the tank. If there's too much e-liquid left the tank, it will easily spill from the bottom holes due to the impact of gravity. This is the key factor of oil spilling. The third point, do not take too much time in refilling, but compatibly less than 20 seconds. Then quickly close the cover after filling the oil. Finally, it can weaken the impact of gravity if the bottom air inlet is closed when conducting top filling, meanwhile, to a certain extent, and it can reduce the oil leaking. In our pursuit of atomizer taste, the smooth air at the same time, we probably would encounter the use of the problem. So we can only try to avoid its shortcoming. I hope my sincere sharing would help those e-cigarette enthusiasts are in troubled of oil spilling.