Such a cost-effective Snowwolf mod! ---Snowwolf 200W Plus Mod
【Introduction】The Snowwolf is a well-known brand of the electronic cigarettes mod as well as the representative of “high power” and “violence” in the early stage of the electronic cigarettes. Due to various tacit reasons, the Snowwolf has kept in silence in the domestic market for a long time, and many vapers of the new generation have no idea about this brand. Recently, the Snowwolf broke the silence finally, and launched an electronic cigarette with electric double mod – the Snowwolf 200W plus, followed the appearance style of the original 200W in design, not only reduce the size, but also improve the highest power to 235W, and added the "smart touch bottom", looks in "technological style". Could this new type of mod remind Vapers of the original Snowwolf again? Today, we will introduce the Snowwolf 200W plus to you. The Snowwolf 200W plus adopts paper packaging in black, and the design and model of the mod are printed in front, From the bottom sign, you can see that there are four color matching of the mod: stainless steel color, black, ink black and gold. The mod evaluated this time is Black after checking the sign. The parameters and introduction of the mod are printed in back, we can learn roughly from which that the Snowwolf 200W plus is a mod supported temperature control for nickel, titanium and stainless steel, the power output range is from 10W to 235W, the highest output voltage reaches to 7.5V, with supporting 0.05 Ω resistance value in minimum. It seems that Snowwolf 200W plus also has a mod in "low wattage enough to fun" to support ultra-low resistance. Since we have introduced the Aedra ZENITH which " infinitely close to 0 Ω" to you last time, we did some investigation and found that except to a new round of competition of power to the electronic cigarette mod, it seems also has competition of "low resistance", there are several mods which break through the 0.1 Ω, obviously, to simply improve power cannot meet the needs of the vapers. Although with the high power, resistance not low enough will lose practical value in fact. But there was no significant sign of the "Wolf" on the package, lacking feeling of being "cool". Open the box cover, there are the Snowwolf 200W plus mod, the instructions in Chinese and English, a warranty card and a USB cable. The appearance of the Snowwolf 200W plus mod is a simple one which following its former style. The outline border of mod is in frosted black, materials like glasses used on both sides of the panel, because there is no relevant content mentioned on the official website and the instructions, so the author doesn’t know the details about the material, and can only confirm it can’t be the acrylic, polymethyl methacrylate, because the mod panel does not produce fine scratches on the surface. Ignition bottom and USB interface are set in the side of the mod, unlike other mods, two power control bottoms and the display screen disappeared, which makes appearance of the mode very concise, like a “thicken” mobile phone with large-size screen. The front and back are distinguished by the bottom of the panel, with the words "SNOWWOLF" is the front and the back has a bulge at the bottom, which can be used to open the battery compartment. The battery and the fuselage are fixed through the super magnet, combined with the card slot, to avoid the warehouse cover shifting and loosing. After installing two 18650-lithium batteries, then consecutive press five times ignition button quickly, when the screen lights up, two "touch" regulation button at bottom will light up,too, seems like "virtual button" of Huawei mobile phones. The mod looks even more beautiful after starting up, giving people a feeling of a large size touch screen. Notably, you will find Snowwolf is made ingenious, it doesn’t use touch screen in big size, but to adjust the brightness of LCD screen same with the panel’s color, and two touch buttons are put on the upper of panel, all of which will build up the effect of the touch screen in large size. Operating mode of Snowwolf 200W plus is very simple, after installing the atomizer or booting, the system will appear confirmation screen of the new atomizer automatically, if you choose "NO", the chip will determine to output inherited from the previous model. If you select "YES", the system will display the confirmation interface of output mode, and the user can switch by adjusting button and press the fire button to determine and back to the standby screen. If you want change into output mode in manual, you should on the premise of adjusting button unlocked, touch and holding the two buttons at the same time, the mode selection menu would appear, just to select the corresponding mode and press the fire button. With Snowwolf 200W plus, a function must be kept in mind of users’, which is to lock the adjustment button. It is easy to operate, put one finger on the button of left side and slip quickly to the button on the right, just as "slide to unlock" as the phone’s operation, when tips of “Please click 3 x to unlock " appeared on screen (by pressing the ignition button 3 times to unlock) mean success, of course, you pick up the way of unlocking too, although very strange to not corresponding to the "slide to unlock”. To remember lock adjustment button because button is very sensitive, if you don’t lock it, it will often touched by accident, such as smoke once it is burned, or smoke for half a day it doesn’t work, and you will find the power set before has changed dramatically when you look at the screen. After setting the output mode and adjusting the power, the users should slide the lock to avoid accidental contact. Another useful button combination is press the "+" button on the right side and the fire button at the same time, which will lock the fire button, to avoid being squeezed to work when carrying, repeat the same action to unlock. But before locking it, if the user has locked adjust button already, then you need to press fire button three times to unlock adjustment button, then to press the button combination to lock the mod, remember to sliding to lock it after unlocking...Personally, I think it is a little bit troublesome and uses need some time to get familiar with it. Conclusion: The Snowwolf 200W plus also inherits the characteristics of violence on its output, working without delay, in high explosive force and stable output. Its mod is more like the MINI version to combine the "touch button", panel, screen and touch buttons of Snowwolf 200W together, to create the visual effect of a large size touch screen skillfully, featured with science and technology. Without the buttons protrudes from fuselage, the mod looks more simple and integration. The Snowwolf 200W plus is also the one mod that the author prefer recently——small and portable size , with endurance in double power supply and 235W of highest output power, adjustable voltage control, it almost can meet all requirements of the daily use. But there still exists a few issues that can't be ignored: 1, After the mod standby for a long time, then press the power button to awakening, the confirm menu of atomizer will appear, but the lock-out state of adjusting button is invalid, which will lead situation that press fire button many times but the atomizer doesn't work. If you check the display screen, you will find that just in the choice menu of a new atomizer. If you didn't touch adjust buttons accidentally, you will need to press fire button two times to back to the normal work, because the "NO" option is in acquiescent, the first pressing fire button awakens the mod and menu pop-up, then second press of it to choose “NO” and the chip will enter the working state. Without the function of "extinguishing screen" and "lock screen" will bring some inconvenience in actual use. 2、Although the panel is firm and scratch resistance, but can be contaminated with a lot of fingerprints, and it is difficult to clean with contaminating with tobacco oil, the condensate on the surface which can be cleaned like new after wiping many times. So the question is, what happened after that? Of course it was used by hands, so...turns into a circulation. 3、The paint process of the whole machine is tough, but it will be unvarnished of the bulge part at the bottom of the battery. The rest doesn’t have the same problem, it may be caused by change the battery frequently. 4、The bottom of the main mod is not smooth , so it is not stable when standing on the table. At the end: the Snowwolf 200W plus is a low-profile, simple, and high-performance mod of whole, with lasting the tradition of Snowwolf in output and appearance, it suits for e-cigarette users in each stage. However, there is no atomizer that matches the style in science and technology to it, so it will be influenced on the overall effect. It will be perfect if it can be matched with the atomizer in same square shape. According to the official news, The terminal retail price of this Snowwolf 200W plus is 1099 yuan RMB, the mod competition in the same price range is very serious, but as the mod in a "different style", the Snowwolf 200W plus still has the potential to be the most popular one, whether can it gain the recognition of the vapers only to the be verified by the market. Thanks for your reading. See you next time!