All-In-One Vape Devices – Do They Really Deliver?
It’s no secret that vaporizing dry herbs is a great alternative to smoking. Cannabis users have had access to dry herb vaporizers like the Volcano vaporizer for nearly two decades. When the e-cigarette market exploded, though, vaporizer technology began to change at a rapid pace — and today, e-cigarettes and vaporizers are continuing to evolve together. Practically every vaporizer seller carries models that look more than a little like the box mods, vape pens, and eGo devices that e-cigarette users have enjoyed for years. The all-in-one vape device — a vaporizer that handles dry herbs, concentrates, and e-liquid — is perhaps the fullest fruition of the joint development that vaporizers and e-cigarettes have undergone over the past several years. Do the devices actually deliver, though? What is the target market for all-in-one vape devices? How All-in-One Vaporizers Work At its roots, an all-in-one vape is more like an e-cigarette than a traditional dry herb vaporizer. It uses an interchangeable cartridge system that allows the user to switch between e-liquid, dry herbs and waxy concentrate by changing cartridges. Each cartridge contains a chamber and heating element for the chosen medium. When the user pushes the activation button on the vaporizer, the cartridge immediately begins to heat up and generate vapor. Although the cartridges can be fairly expensive, they tend to last several months. The Benefits of All-in-One Vape Devices People who use both cannabis and tobacco are the most important target market for all-in-one vaporizers. Although an all-in-one vaporizer can be an expensive device, it would cost even more to buy both a dry herb vaporizer and an e-cigarette. For a person who presently smokes both cannabis and tobacco and wants to switch from smoking to vaping, an all-one-one vaporizer is an attractive option. An all-in-one vape can also be a useful device for someone who only consumes tobacco. It gives a smoker an opportunity to try e-liquid vaping while retaining the ability to vaporize loose leaf tobacco in the event that e-liquid proves unsatisfying. Tobacco contains many compounds that aren’t present in e-liquid. For those who find e-liquid unsatisfying, using a vaporizer with loose leaf tobacco present is an alternative that allows for the extraction of tobacco’s full spectrum of compounds while remaining smoke-free. The Drawbacks of All-in-One Vaporizers Although the flexibility of an all-in-one vaporizer is its greatest asset, a vaporizer that can do anything may not actually handle any individual material as well as a standalone device would. With e-liquid, an all-in-one vaporizer restricts airflow and prevents the formation of the enormous clouds that so many e-cigarette users love. With dry herbs, heating the material evenly and using it completely — without burning it — remains a problem. In addition, no all-in-one vaporizer at present features a convection fan. Retailers Remain Wary To date, demand for all-in-one vaporizers has been spotty. My Next Vape — a leading Australian vaporizer seller — does not carry all-in-one devices at all. Owner Alex Llorente says that his customers have not demanded the devices, but he remains aware that trends can always change. Llorente says that the lack of demand may stem from the fact that e-liquid containing nicotine is not presently legal to purchase in Australia. Should You Buy an All-in-One Vaporizer? At present, all-in-one vaporizers are difficult to recommend for those who only use cannabis. Unless you want to keep your costs down and need something that can vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates, you’ll have the best experience if you buy a vaporizer specifically designed for the material you want to use. Likewise, people who only use e-cigarettes have little use for all-in-one vaporizers. A standalone e-cigarette costs less and offers better performance — and a cartridge for dry herbs isn’t very useful for someone who only uses e-liquid. If you are a current smoker, though, an all-in-one vape does merit your consideration. Although tobacco contains many compounds that can affect the body, e-liquid contains only one active ingredient: nicotine. If you find it difficult to switch from tobacco cigarettes to e-liquid, an all-in-one vaporizer gives you the fallback option of vaporizing tobacco. Likewise, an all-in-one vaporizer may be a good option if you smoke both cannabis and tobacco because it’s a single device that can eliminate smoke from your life completely. All-in-One Vaporizers are Great — for Some An all-in-one vaporizer is a perfect vaping solution for a market with a very narrow scope. If you are a smoker who uses multiple substances, an all-in-one vaporizer is a convenient way to go smoke-free. For everyone else, though, an all-in-one vape may not be the ideal solution that it seems to be. Although it can do many things, it can’t do any one of them as well as a vaporizer designed for a single purpose.