Are Newly Popular Nicotine Salts The Real Deal?
Nicotine salt is a new product in vaping market. It is said that it offers much more preferable taste than "freebase” style of e-liquid and it is a good product for smoking cessation. But it also has some risks as this substance may become more addictive than normal e-juice and increases the risk of heart attack and other diseases. The bottom line is that not everything is going to be right for everyone. So the only way to know what is right for you is to give things a try. That being said, if you’re mostly into vaping for blowing huge clouds, then nicotine salt is probably not for you. But then again most professional cloud chasers use nicotine free liquids anyway. But given5 its potential to greatly increase the effectiveness of smoking cessation attempts, nicotine salt based e-liquids could become a very successful alternative form of e-liquid.
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