How to “Play with the Big Smoke”?
I was wondering why so much smoke when I saw it on the Internet for the first time. I think that many friends have this question at the beginning. So today let’s talk about how to “play with the great smog”? What kind of equipment do you need for the big smoke? What kind of smoke oil do you need? According to my experience, here are the answers. I. What Kind of Equipment Can Make Big Smoke? Many smokers consider that what kind of equipment can make the big smoke. How much power does it need? In fact, the big smoke doesn't need high power and low resistance. We are not seeking for the competition but safety use while using the e-cigarette and making the big smoke. Power size: the power will influence the e-cigarette, but the most important are matching the resistance and power, for example: how much power we can match when the common resistance is 0.2 Ω, 0.3 Ω, 0.4 Ω. According to Ohm's law: 3.7²V-4.2²V/0.2Ω =68-88W; 3.7V²-4.2²V/0.3Ω =45-59W; 3.7V²-4.2²V/0.4Ω =34-44W; From the above data, you can see that the power output of 80 w can satisfy the daily requirement. But here's the question! Why it needs 200 w or more? Why use a dual-battery box? Because the single battery cannot support for long time usage, though it is a maximum of 80w. So the double batteries can sustain a higher power, and there comes the power box. Another reason is that many calculation methods are not accurate, such as double winding wires and the fancy coil, the demanding power of which is much higher than the conventional coil. Note: when choosing the lowest resistance to make a big smoke, it’s necessary to use double or triple batteries, which can guarantee higher power output for a long time. If it's just a simple drop of oil or a mouth-type smoke resistor, a single battery can meet your need. II. What Is the Method to Increase the Amount of Smoke? Under the premise of using a double-type atomizer or large-intake atomizer, there are the following methods: 1. The smoke oil needs the high VG oil or adds some VG in order to make sure that the ratio of smoke oil and VG is 1:1. 2. .Making low resistance with high power, or using fancy heating wire to increase the smoke concentration. 3. Selecting the atomizer--- the large-intake atomizer, which can be absorbed by the lungs. The big smoke is up to the time of absorbing it by the lungs, and therefore, the amount of smoke can be stored in a long time. III. What Is Data Common Use for Big Smoke? Common use data: 1. The number of wire: double wires, heating wire: 0.5 mm, coil width: 2.5-3.0 mm, coil number: 5-6 laps, the resistance: 0.2 Ω or so. 2. The number of wire: double wires, heating wire: 0.6 mm, coil width: 2.5 mm- 3.0 mm, coil number: 5-6 laps. 3. Clapton: single wire, coil width: 2.5 mm, coil number: 5-6 laps; Double wires: coil width: 2.5 mm, coil number: 5-6 laps. I have used 0.8 mm of heating wire, but because the heating wire with 0.8 mm produces low resistance, and therefore it’s not recommended for the novice, and the resistance of more than 0.2 Ω is recommended to be used with a power box. IV. Will the Structural Type Affect the Amount of Smoke? Stored oil or dropping oil? Which will produce big smoke? This is a problem that troubles many friends. It’s assumed that the later one will make bigger smoke. Take the same resistance for example: 1. The dropping oil is more smooth than the stored oil. 2. The dropping-oil atomizer has a large space and high fusion with tank and air, so the smoke will be increased. 3. There is airway below the stored-oil atomizer, which increases the taste of smoke for the compression, but it also affects the smoke. 4. The smoke of common side dropping-oil atomizer is larger than the bottom intake atomizer, and most of the stored-oil atomizer has the bottom structure. The dropping-oil atomizer has an advantage over the stored-oil atomizer. V. Can the Small Power Bring out the Big Smoke? The daily smoke can be satisfied by the small power. Actually, the normal needed for resistance is 0.3-0.4 Ω, and the required power is 40-50 w. If you use Clapton or double wires, you can also increase the amount of smoke. So small power can produce big smoke, but as the service time goes up, the effect and the electricity will decline, and the low resistance has a great influence on the charge. VI. What Kind of Battery Do You Need? It cannot be chosen by the battery itself. It is difficult to directly differentiate from the outside, but the box battery needs to be greater than or equal to 20A and it’s recommended that the 30A battery is suitable for the box. When using the mechanical products with ultra-low resistance to make big smoke, the requirement of the battery is higher. Firstly, regular brand battery; secondly, no damage; thirdly, more than 30A; for example, LG, SONY, and other battery. It’s necessary to choose the regular brand battery to make sure the safety. VII. What's the Differences Among Big Smoke, a Mechanical Pole and a Pressure-Regulating Box? The mechanical one uses the simple direct power supply. The current voltage of the battery is used for the output of the battery. As the battery is decreased, the voltage and the output are reduced at the same time. The voltage regulator is the chip that controls the output voltage of the battery. The battery can supply the energy to the device. The battery energy has weak or strong, and the ordinary battery cannot meet the output of the e-cigarette, so the high multiplier battery is better than the normal one. Note: according to the test, a battery can be recharged 500 times, which means it can be used for a year if we charge the battery every day. VIII. Why Can't I Make a Big Smoke with Dripping-Oil? There are two reasons: 1. The data is not correct. The resistance of the heating wire is not suitable for a large smoke; the heating wire is too thin, and its resistance is too high. The double-winding wire can reduce the resistance, or the skein can reduce it in order to make big smoke. 2. The smoke oil VG is not high enough, which needs more than 60% of VG; the right method: low resistance, high VG, increased heating area, increased smoke volume. IX. How to Change the Amount of Smoke? The main ingredients of the cigarette: VG, PG, nicotine, essence, distilled water... The smoke oil can increases the amount of smoke like VG. The proportion of VG is 70%, 80%, 100%. When purchasing tobacco oil, you can look at the label or ask the merchant the percentage of VG. If you have low VG, and the taste is not bad, you can buy VG (plant glycerin) to add it, the ratio of which is generally 1:1. After the original fume oil is added to the VG, it will increase the viscosity of the smoke oil and the amount of smoke, which will also affect the oil filling speed of the stored-oil atomizer. It can affect the nicotine content, and for example, a normal bottle of tobacco oil is 6 mg, and it’s mixed with half VG, and therefore the tobacco oil turns to be 3mg; it will dilute the smell of tobacco oil. Conclusion: The big smoke of e-cigarette is not a complicated problem, and the main reason is that the novice are not familiar with it, but if they know the working principle and the product characteristics, it will be clear for them to make the big smoke!

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