Anti-smoking Advert in UK Newspaper
Philip Morris International( PMI), known to manufacture Marlboro, has been carrying out self-promotion to achieve a smoke-free future. An almost ironical issue is the fact that it is indulged in selling deadly cigarettes and battling with certain anti-smoking regulations which include the regulations relating to packaging. As matter of fact, last September the organization made a public announcement where it said that it would allocate $1 billion to a foundation that will constantly fight smoking. The company would also use more money (an approximate of $80 million per annum) to facilitate further the project in 12 years. PMI has invested colossal amounts of money in producing alternatives that will substitute cigars. The revenue is consequently projected to reach 1.2 billion by 2020. The company further aims to produce 32 million iQOS devices in the year. In 2016, Andre Calantzopoulos, the company’s chief executive officer hit the headlines when he pledged to work with the government to phase out the conventional cigarettes. Peter Nixon, the Managing Director for UK and Ireland, did support Andre’s decision and reinforced that move by asserting the intention to move towards a smoke-free future. Nixon pledged to do more incentivizing people to transform from cigarette to something less harmful. Anti-smoking Advert in UK Newspaper Philip Morris International’s information about quitting smoking PMI has newly launched adverts that explicitly targets smokers who interested in starting afresh. The New Year’s resolution for PMI was to try to give up the cigarette. The company has also gone ahead to encourage smokers to keep checking the new website with information concerning quitting smoking or otherwise switching to safer alternatives to e-cigs. PMI has invested about 3.4 trillion to develop tobacco product alternative that doesn’t burn. Further, the owner of the tobacco company shared with the UK Prime Minister Theresa May concerning the quest to print information about quitting and switching to safer alternatives on the cigar packets. When the BBC asked the tobacco organization's officials why they cannot completely stop the sale of cigarette, the spokesperson said that they were trying their level best to be smoke-free. “If we were to stop selling immediately, others would still sell the same product in our place,” the spokesman said. He further asserted that smokers are well aware of the dangers of smoking and that what they needed more is the information concerning the options available for switching. Big tobacco moves on to safer alternatives as cigarette sales diminish Anti-smoking Advert in UK Newspaper Naturally, numerous people are cynical that the objectives of such motions are making sure that the visibility and accomplishment of Philip Morris’ detriment reduction product, iQOS (a smokeless alternative to ignitable cigars. It heats the leaves called the Heets). According to Philip Morris, the company’s aim is to achieve a “smoke-free future.” A few months ago, the chief executive officer of the London-based Action on Smoking (ASH) and Health, Deborah Arnott said that the tobacco industry has a terrible track record of funding research; the research that is geared towards supporting its efforts meant to cut policies to cut smoking. Deborah Arnott further said that tobacco industry could never be accepted at face value. The IQOS gadget or a Marlboro HeatStick is a smokeless alternative to the cigarettes that emit smokes. It is a substitute for ignitable cigars. It works by heating the tobacco leaves popularly known as Heets or HeatSticks. The refills look like short cigarettes. The refills must be put into the iQOS device. Here, it is heated once the iQOS is switched on. They are then sold under the brand of Marlboro. The sale made is equivalent to their combustible counterparts. On the other hand, the giant tobacco organization is persisting in pointing out that it intends to quicken the efforts generated towards stoppage for selling cigarettes while turning their business into one that will take care of future needs while taking care of the present ones. Peter Nixon emphasize achieving an all-time goal of stopping the sale of cigarettes. In a nutshell, Philip Morris will be involved in supporting local authority cessation services where the rates of smoking are high. PMI will seek approval from the government and expand the availability of new alternatives. The company will lias with possible stakeholders to facilitate transfer from smoke cigar to smokeless e-cigars.