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  1. National Academies Vape Report: Just What the FDA Needed

    A new report on e-cigarettes from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says vaping can help smokers quit cigarettes.
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  2. Vaping under threat in tobacco-loving Indonesia

    Chain-smoking Indonesia is moving to stub out its booming e-cigarette sector, sparking criticism that the government is siding with giant tobacco firm
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  3. 11 key findings from one of the most comprehensive reports ever on the health effects of vaping

    Business Insider France est un site d’information sur l’économie, les technologies, les entrepreneurs, l’innovation, les découvertes et bien plus encore. En texte, en images, en vidéos et en graphiques, de l’actualité essentielle et percutante.
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  4. Vaping: The latest scourge in drug abuse

    Vaping: The latest scourge in drug abuse
    ERs in South Florida are filling up because of synthetic drug overdoses, a worsening problem due to a device that's supposed to help people quit smoking.
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  5. How new rules could kill the vaping boom

    If the FDA finalizes rules on e-cigarettes and other vaping products, most vape shops may go out of business, experts say.
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  6. The countries where vaping could lead to confiscation fines and PRISON

    Strict laws outside of the UK, where vaping is legal, are causing hapless Brits abroad to risk fines - or worse - should they be caught using e-cigarettes.
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  7. British e-cigarette advocate urges Australian government to lift ban and save lives

    The debate over the safety and efficacy of e-cigarettes, which are illegal in Australia, will step up a gear this week with the arrival of an outspoken, Britis
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  8. A counterblast to vapers

    A while back I went for a walk down Lambton Quay, Wellington’s ‘golden mile’ of retail shopping. It was swathed in stale cigarette smoke and the noxious sick-sweet smell of ‘vapers’. You know, the idiots who get their nicotine through 'e-cigarettes' and blow out vast clouds of sugary steam for others to choke on along...
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  9. Could e-cigarettes have caused popcorn lung?

    Concerns over 'popcorn lung' - but expert says cigarettes are more serious threat
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  10. Tobacco giant says it wants to give up cigarettes

    Philip Morris International has made a dramatic New Year’s resolution: “We’re trying to give up cigarettes.”
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