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Need Vaping kits, e-cigs devices, tanks, E-Liquids, or DIY Accessories? 1 on 1 Service can connect you with the right customer agent more quickly.

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Ave40 provide a comprehensive range of after-sale services. Customers can contact with our team at [email protected] for order status and other after-sales issues.

If you are providers of data-driven promotion content OR privately held media corporations that can help us better reach & touch our potential customers on your BBS sites, please contact with our CO-OP Preferred team at [email protected]

Requirements for Providers:

– Come as an influential BBS site over relatively long period, preferably E-CIG BBS site;

– Have a large base of active and long-term members on the site.

Requirements for Content:

– Each article must be 200 words (or more)

– Each article must have at least ONE link to allow members to reach Ave40 website.

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