Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit with Guillotine RDA

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Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit with Guillotine RDA


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Wismec borrows from the ExMachina concept, creating a stunning and pretty awesome device- Wismec Reuleaux Rx Machina Mod. The Reuleaux RX Machina comes in four colors(honeycomb resin, white honeycomb, swirled metallic resin and knurled blackout) and falls into 6 parts, including battery sleeve, battery bottom cap, fire button, decorative tube, battery top cap, and PEI tube(optional accessory). The Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina mod is a quite special device ever been created as it is furnished with some buttons inside the tube. You can experience the 20700 Mech mod by these internal buttons when pairing with Guillotine RDA. This mod is also powered by 18650 battery with the assistance of adaptive battery sleeve. This lightweight, compact yet powerful device has some decorative sleeves to replace the decorative tube easily by unscrewing the 510 top cap. You totally choose colors or patterns tailored to your preference.

As a detachable and reassemble device, Wismec Guillotine RDA is easily cleaned and maintained. The Wismec Guillotine RDA included in Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Kit is made with stainless steel, making for a durable and solid small device. The special drip tip of this RDA is designed to offer the smoothest and the best flavor by controlling air flow through side airflow system. Adopting new Clapton Coil, the Wismec Guillotine RDA has a centered and dual-post configuration, allowing you to replace coils conveniently and simply. This rebuild-able deck also has a removable lower sleeve, and if this lower sleeve is installed again, it not only serves as the juice well but also controls the airflow direction. Compared with other RDA, the Wismec Guillotine RDA has no thread connection, which is intended to simplify the assembly process.

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Wismec Reuleaux RX Product Review


§   Resin tube and press structure fire button

§   Powered by both 18650 and 20700 battery cell

§   The smoothest airflow and the best flavor

§   Newly introduced Clapton coil

§   Interchangeable exterior sleeves in attractive materials and patterns

§   Adjustable side airflow

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Wismec Reuleaux RX Machina Mod 







Cell Type

20700 Cell (included, 3000mAh) / 18650 Cell


Gold-plated 510 Pin


Stainless steel + resin/plastic


Honeycomb Resin, White Honeycomb, Swirled Metallic Resin, Knurled Blackout



Wismec Guillotine RDA








Thread Type

No Thread Connection


Stainless Steel


Yellow Resin, White Resin, Yellow PEI, Black Stainless Steel


Package Included

§   1 x Reuleaux RX Machina Mod(no cells)

§   1 x Guillotine RDA

§   1 x Battery Sleeve

§   2 x Clapton Coil

§   1 x Cotton

§   1 x Warning Card

§   1 x Manual

§   1 x Spare Part(3 x Seal Ring; 2 x Hexagon Screw; 1 x Positive Contact; 1 x H2 Wrench)


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