Wholesale Vision/X.Fir E-Flare 18650 Self-feeding VV Mod with stainless steel cover

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Product Overview:

With a Self-feeding VV Mod and stainless steel cover, VISION E-flare Kit has a replaceable E-liquid pipe and dual coils.

Product Details:

The design concept of this VISION E-flare Kit is self-explanatory. Its E-liquid pipe is more than just replaceable; a high-end user experience is endowed through its multi-colored metallic covers with windows in natural curves or modern straight lines mimicking the fluid path of its liquid inside. Together with its marvelous industrial design, the ergonomic detailing in its angled drip tip and self-feeding VV mod is meant to create a cozy vaping experience and a sense of texture.

This VISION/X.Fire E-Flare 18350/18650 Self-Feeding VV (Variable Voltage) mod coming with a clearomizer has its features as follow.

1. Variable Voltage. You can adjust the voltage output from 3.3v to 4.8v by spinning the knob at the top, each increment is 0.5V.

2. Clearomizer in Large Capacity. The 10ml capacity of the clear tube ensures you an extended vaping experience.

3. Battery Connector. There is a 18350 connector screwed on the bottom cap. With this connector, a 18350 battery suits perfectly with the mod, or you can use a 18650 battery without it.

4. Replaceable Dual Coil. Two coils come with the kit. One (1.8ohm) is fully assembled on the mod and other (1.5ohm) is for your choice. The coil in the clearomizer is the same with that of a Vivi Nova Clearomizer.

Please Note:

The battery should be installed correctly, or your mod will be damaged.

The negative pole should be connected with the cap while the positive pole with the control head.

No 18350/18650 comes with the mod.

Normal 510 drip tip doesn't suit the clearomizer.

Basic Facts:

Unit: 1Set

Size of Mod: Height 110mm; Diameter 22mm

Threading: 510/eGo

Resistance of Clearomizer:1.8ohm/1.5ohm

Color: Black/Green/Purple/Red/Silver/Stainless

Material of Mod: Stainless steel

Package: Gift Box

Items Contained:

1*E-Flare 18350/18650 Self-Feeding VV MOD with Clearomizer

1*Extra Coil Head (Resistance:1.5ohm)

1*10ml Tube for Clearomizer

1*18350 Connector

1*English User Manual


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