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Wholesale Vision VapeCase 2000mAh 510 VV MOD Kit for iPhone 5&5s

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Product Overview:

An all-in-one protective phone case, vaporizer and e-cig, the VapeCase features a Li-Ion battery pack, 5-stage VV, and battery level and ignition LED indicators.

Product Details:

The VapeCase is a revolutionary new product that blends your e-Cigarette and your cellphone together. It is only a cover/case and does not actually connect to your phones electronics. Its features are listed as below.

1. 2000mAh Li-on Battery Pack

2. 4 Stages of Variable Voltage: 2.75V, 3.5V, 4.25V and 5V

3. LED Array Battery Level Indicator

4. Ignition Indicator LED Light

5. Micro USB Charging Port

6. 510 Connector (Anti-Microbial Silver Plated)

7. 510-eGo Adapter (Anti-Microbial Silver Plated)

8. Over&Under Battery Charge Protection

9. 15A Power Protection

It can work with 510, eGo, eGo-T, eGo-C atomizer and other eGo thread cartomizer.

It comes with 5-click protection. Generally, the battery is shipped in off status where the battery will not function even when pressing the button. To turn on the battery, press manually the button 5 times within 2 seconds. You will see the white LED flash. To turn off the battery, press manually the button 5 times within 2 seconds as well, and the white LED will flash. The 5-Click Protection protects the battery from being activated when you do not use it. No more firing in your pocket! 

Story Behind VapeCase

Having smoked cigarettes for nearly 20 years I (Mike Larsen, Director of Sales) rejoiced when I started vaping and threw the cigarettes away for good in the spring of 2012. But like with all new hobbies, I was soon overloaded with hardware. I quickly grew tired of lugging around my favorite mod and consistently forgetting it or dropping it. Then one day it dawned on me....I rarely forget my cell phone....or drop it. If only I could vape off my cell phone. Think about it, what is always in your hand, or pocket, or sitting on your desk? And we all know that in this day of modern technology our cell phones are basically an extension of ourselves. So rather than train my primitive brain to remember my vaporizer, why not just attach my vaporizer to the one thing I will never forget or toss across a parking lot!!!! And that my friends were the best idea my infantile mind had ever managed to spit out. So here I am. Why I am here is a different story. See, I kept my little secret as long as I possibly could, at least until the patent was filed (lol). Now I am ready to share it with the world. I brought it to my partners and business associates and told them how I wanted to offer it to the vapers around the country before we offered it to the distributors and retail stores. Vaping is an ever evolving industry and I have been shown many cool and helpful gadgets from people....not businesses. So I want to show the people my idea...before the businesses. Funds raised through this campaign will allow us to fund the 5,000 I-Phone 5 cases we already have in production which we anticipate having by the end of November and into the hands of our vaping friends that help fund this project in an amount of $100 or more. By funding this project, we can more quickly move the other models (iPhone 5C, Galaxy S4, etc.) into production (manufacturing is expensive - lol). Our initial order of 5000 iPhone 5 cases will be available for shipping (barring any major hiccups) at the end of November. So you can rest assured that you should have them in time to give the world's greatest stocking—stuffer this Christmas. Other models will be manufactured using the funds raised in this campaign and should be available in early January, 2014. So, that's our story...thanks for listening and happy vaping! (And if you still smoke—STOP IT!!! you stink :) )

Why Choose VapeCase

A portable vaping device is so easily left behind in occasions as such due to their size ranges. Either in a shape of a lighter or a pen, almost all of the e-cig kits in the market now need an additional space from the owners to carry it along with them. This is now no longer an issue that troubles our mind as a revolutionary vaping device has emerged—the VapeCase! A protective mobile phone case that you can vape on! It comes in handy and sits in your pocket protecting your beloved mobile phone until you need it again!

Some of the biggest names in electronic music will be repping VapeCase. You might spot Riff Raff, Big Gigantic, DVBSS, 12th Planet, Viceroy, Paper Diamond, Thomas Jack, BORGEOUS, Gladiator, Griz, Starkillers, Bixel Boys and more using their new stylish accessory.

With an easy to use setup and practical design, VapeCase is the perfect option for anyone that wants to smoke on the go. The VapeCase features a 2000mAh, 3.7 volt Li-Ion battery pack and 5-stage variable voltage, as well as battery level and ignition indicator LEDs, and a mini-USB charging port. A 510 connector at the top of the VapeCase allows the use of any standard 510-based atomizer. The design is sleek, modern and effective which makes the VapeCase the future of e-cig/vaporizers! More models for iPhone 5c, iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Note 2, Samsung Note 3 and HTC One will be coming up soon!

Basic Facts:

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh

Unit: 1 Set

Color: Black

Battery Body Size: Length 17mm; Width 62mm; Height 127mm

Items Contained:

1*iTaste VTR

1*iClear 30s

1*Adapter Cone

1*Beauty Ring

1*English User Manual

1*Luxury Box

1*VapeCase for iPhone 5&5s

1*Beauty Cone

1*510 to eGo Adapter

1*Wall Charger (1*US plug or 1*EU plug)

1*USB cable

1*English User Manual

1*Packing Box

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