WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Wholesale Innokin Lily Slim and Graceful 0.6ml Electronic Cigarette for Women

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Product Details:

Finally Innokin responses to the call of the global E-cig market trend with its Lily E-cigarette. As a product described as an “elegant, refined, slim, and eye-catching e-cigarette” by many traders, Lily is, by far, created and oriented to meet the need of the ever growing number of female vapers. 

For us who vape, e-cig is getting more indispensible. And for female vapers, chances are that an e-cig refined and elegant in appearance, and characterful and tasteful in the inner, might well reflect and vivify her lifestyle. So, whichever bag that our female friends have with, there will always be a vaping device that every now and then she would just picks it up and vape on with in the occasion of friendly gatherings. Accordingly, e-cig has not only been a device for vaping, but more of an accessory that reflects her personality and beauty of femininity. 

Furthermore, females of graceful figure vaping play a considerable role in many online e-cig stores to attract visitors and at the same time offer better visual effects. 

The Lily E-cigarette stands out in a way that combines a healthier nicotine alternative and the dynamic day-to-day life especially for female. 

In all, Ave Forty team recommends to you the Innokin Lily E-cigarette, get it from us, introduce it to your clients, and you may find that while female friends visit your shop for its eye-catching appearance, male friends visit your shop for it as a gift for their loved ones. 

This is new starter kit designed for women, batteries and atomizers in the kit have brilliant colors.

Product Features:

1. Short Circuit/Atomizer Protection. This protects the Lily battery against shorted atomizers, and stops the unit from functioning in unsafe conditions.

2. Over-discharged Protection. The Lily battery monitors the battery voltage and will automatically turn off when the battery is discharged.

3. Battery Level Indicator. The Lily battery's capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.

Green: Fully Charged

Yellow: Half Discharged

Red: Battery Low

4. 12-second On/Off: if the activation button is held for 12 seconds or longer, the battery will automatically stop working until the button is pressed again.

5. Normally you can take 40-50 puffs when the cartridge is fully filled with E-juice.

6. By pressing the button on the battery 3 times, the user can turn on or off the battery.

Basic Facts:

Unit: 1 Set

Threading: eGo/510

Resistance: 1.5ohm

Color: Blue/Red/Pink/Green

Battery Capacity: 350mAh

Cartridge Capacity: 0.6ml

Voltage: 3.5V (constant)

Package: Gift Box

Items Contained:

1*Innokin Lily Rechargeable Battery (350mAh)

4*Atomizer (1.5ohm)

4*Empty Cartridge

2*Mouthpiece (one is made with Swarovski crystal elements)

1*USB Charger with Core

1*User Manual

1*E-liquid Refill Instruction Manual

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