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Wholesale Innokin iClear 16D eGo Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer

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Product Description:

The iClear 16D is a new addition to the iClear range from Innokin. This clearomizer has it’s coil at the bottom providing a cooler vapour and slightly looser draw while still delivering amazing vapour production and flavour. The plastic tank and mouthpiece is all one piece removing any issues with potential damage to the mouthpiece, seal or threading. 4 high quality wicks feed liquid into 2 coils ensuring maximum vapour and flavour.

The bottom coil design of the iClear 16D means that e-liquid is always being soaked into the atomizer head giving a great performance no matter how full your device is. Because of its positioning at the bottom, the vapour has longer to travel and cools significantly. the iClear 16D is filled from the bottom instead of the top unlike the top coil clearomizers. This means it needs to be removed from the battery for filling but stops any potential wear and damage to the mouthpiece and seals.


Features include:

  • Outstanding performance – produces loads of vapor and flavor & has a strong throat hit
  • Solid construction with no leaking
  • Dual coil – 2 coils instead of one
  • 1.6 ml capacity
  • 4 bottom wicks
  • Replacable coil heads available


Package contents:

  • 1 * iClear 16D Clearomizer
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