WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nicomore N1 Solo Sub ohm Tank 2ml

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Nicomore N1 Solo Sub ohm Tank 2ml


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With the fangled black-gold design and premium construction, Nicomore N1 is a distinctive above average atomizer. This Nicomore N1 has been built to be suitable for a wide range of vapers and offers a functional setup that is ideal for anyone looking for a daily heat.

On top of its impressive performance and mainstream design from its well-built all around and the delicate finish on the solid metal, one of the best things about this Nicomore N1 is the separate device that allows you to modify your e-juice flavor as you vape, from which vapers can load in up to six flavors “cartridges” into the “chamber”.

In addition to being attractive and eye-catching, Nicomore N1 boasts a range of high-end functionality as a result of the 25mm and a 2 ML juice capacity. The length of nearly 45.2mm is relatively pocket-sized. This atomizer implements a unique hidden bottom airflow system for air inlet efficiency.

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§   Black gold matching with a bit of luxury brings a mysterious elegance

§   3D Sculpting with precision of 0.05mm

§   Hidden air input design to produce the suspended visual effects in full of technology

§   It features the excellent cooperation of Colt revolver structure and the dial plate

§   It gives much more personality when dialing

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25.0mm x 45.2mm




Stainless Steel




Black & Gold


Package Included

§   1 x N1 Sub ohm Tank

§   1 x Coil Ohm 0.5ohm

§   1 x F-Bead (Pack of Flavor Bead)

§   1 x Glass TUBE

§   1 x Card

§   1 x Manual

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