Joyetech EX Coil Head for Exceed Tank 5pcs/Pack

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Joyetech EX Coil Head for Exceed Tank 5pcs/Pack


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One of the most important parts of the tank is atomizer coils which will bring users a smooth and comfortable experience. Joyetech takes the lead in vaping industry and has released a new coil to pair with Joyetech tank-  Joyetech EX Coil Head after Joyetech BF SS316 0.6ohm Coil Head. It is sure to satisfy users’ needs thanks to its high-performing and high-quality materials.

Joyetech EX Coil Head is made with high-quality organic cotton that cannot contain any contaminants, therefore, you can taste some purer and cleaner as well as more comfortable flavor from e-juice. In addition to this, the Joyetech EX Coil Head is made of stainless steel and has two colors(silver and gold), which will offer superior conductivity as well as high-resistance to corrosion. Available in both resistance value, such as 1.2ohm MTL head (8 - 15W), 0.5ohm DL head (20 - 35W), and you can choose one of them to meet your needs.

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§   Resistance Value 0.5ohm, 1.2ohm

§   Suitable Wattage 20W - 35W, 8W - 15W

§   Silver and Gold

§   High-resistance to corrosion

§   Superior conductivity





0.5ohm, 1.2ohm

Suitable Wattage

20W - 35W, 8W - 15W


Package Included

§   1 x 5pcs Joyetech EX Coil Head for Exceed


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