Pod System Since the introduction of e-cigs, they have boomed over several years. E-Cig has become a household name among smokers, even non-smokers. Additionally, a novel culture arising from e-cigs was created in vaping market, called vaping tricks which have contributed to vaper spike. But in the vaping community, those big-sized e-cigs often are well favored by smokers and few people focus their attention on small-sized or pen-like devices until an inviting device Vladdin Pod System Kit was brought to the market. A sudden surge in sales created queens outside shops following its release. Its lightweight and healthier alternative to conventional cigs win user’s attention. So pod- system devices like Vladdin will make up a larger share of vaping market. Now, I spread knowledge about pod system: Vape mod generally falls into two main types, one is the closed system and the other is the open system. The Advanced Closed System refers to as a pre-installed tank containing e-juice, meaning that you need not fill the tank with e-juice on your own. Whereas Open-System devices have a clearomizer which is filled with e-juice manually. No matter what type of vape pen is, the vape pen aims to offer convenience to users. All pod system-based devices are designed for those who go after flavor and smokers who switch to vaping instead of cloud chasers and cloud hobbyists. Let’s have a look at some preferred products. SMPO Kit ($34.99)  The vaping industry in 2018 Part II The SMPO Kit is a new addition to the pod market, featuring lightweight and cute relative to big mods. I liken it to a decorative art and slim girl instead of an e-cig and want to store it in my cabinet. It feels comfortable and smooth as much as you touch your girlfriend’s smooth skin. There are no sharp edges and everything is rounded off. Button-free is one of the brightest spots, and you can take puffs without pushing or hitting the fire button. You just take it out of your pocket and take puffs. You finally can be free from the complicated process. Thanks, Goodness. The SMPO kit is highly recommended and it must give you a  throat hit and nice draw. Smok Vape Pen (SMOK Stick Prince Pen-Style Kit  $57.00,  Smok STICK V8 BABY Kit $48.68)  The vaping industry in 2018 Part II  The vaping industry in 2018 Part II Smok, as a big and respected e-cig’s producer, also enters the vape pen section. Smok has unveiled various vape pens with their efforts and great patience, aiming to become the leader within the e-cig’s community. They sprang into action, launching a series of vape pens. Now I will introduce some alluring and unique devices. This first one is SMOK Stick Prince Pen-Style Kit. Honestly speaking, I feel disappointed at the first sight. It has a bad looking. The whole device looks like a baby with a big head and slim body. Its big head as its reservoir can accommodate 8ml e-juice, getting you throughout a day. It also has a good name-Stick Prince kit, which sounds like something to noble. The next one is the Smok STICK V8 BABY Kit which is similar to the former one except for its small head. Actually, this small device should be named Smok Queen Kit as the Prince need a beautiful Queen. The Smok stick V8 baby kit is slim as good as a pen is. The brightest spot is its intelligent light indicator, telling you the status quos of this device. It is easy to carry them around anywhere and you may enjoy Smok experience. Vladdin Pod System Kit ($36.90)  The vaping industry in 2018 Part II This device is the abovementioned hottest product. Some people say it looks like a Phix while some say it is similar to the SMPO MT. Apart from above products’ features, the Phix or MT-like Vladdin has different and flavorful cartridges, including ice, mint, mixed, saltNix and vct. No matter what kind of taste you love, the Vladdin can satisfy your requirements.  It does give you the same sensations with a simple organic inhale while helps you free from the smoking addiction. Also, great to have a backup stealth vape.