U.K. Parliament Listens to Actual Vaping Experts


They also drew attention to unrealistic usage conditions in some studies (we’re looking at you, Portland State University), with Prof. Polosa pulling out one golden-brown piece of toast and one thoroughly burnt one to memorably make his point. Unrealistically overheating e-liquid is responsible for many misleading headlines about formaldehyde in vapor, and burnt toast provides a great analogy for the problems in the method.

As for future regulations, there was broad agreement that excessive regulation would be likely to cause harm rather than create benefit. Prof. Aveyard commented that restrictive policies risk “increasing the perception that e-cigarettes are dangerous.”

The U.K. is still leading the way in how to address vaping as a smoking alternative. As Peter Hajek argued, the U.S. focus on nicotine as being the “big bad guy” could well be to blame for the division between the U.S. and U.K. on the issue, and concerns about youth uptake are much more prominent there.


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