The best IJOY CAPO 100W Review


The revolutionary IJOY has always been experimenting with high tech and luxurious variables in designs. Box Mode Designs have been their forte since forever. From JJOY Genie PD20 to IJOY MAXO 18650, a variety of successful ideas have always added up to their authentic reputation.


Captain PD270 is a familiar name among the users. Now, with the launch of IJOY CAPO 100W Box Mod Kit, the excitement has risen. From its outlook to the most anticipated feature – the use of 21700 mAh cells at the rate of 100W maximum and the Captain Mini Sub Ohm Tank, the user is more informed about the usage, and this makes it more personal for him/her actually using it.

In the world where vapers overtake the admirers, such regulation is daring and much more authentic.

What Would You Get?
The kit contains everything from a IJOY CAPO 100 BOX MOD to a USB Cable. You also have the CAPTAIN MINI SUB-OHM TANK and a Coil 0.5 and 0.3 Ohm Head.
What would you love?
There are a good many things to like here, from the color choices on offer, to the gun metal and the stainless steel. You also have a max wattage of 100 watts and a good 3.2 ml capacity.

The temperature control and the custom user mode, as well as an upgradeable firmware, makes this one that you could use for years.

You have a good amount of resistance on offer as well, at 3.0 ohm. The 3000 mAh battery means that you could use throughout the day, while the Captain Mini Sub Ohm tanks’ threadless coil head design is a favourite among many too. The groove chassis works well when it comes to the reduction of heat transmission.

The design, while not appealing, is effective. In fact, if it is as good as advertised, it can be an excellent seller with loyal buyers looking forward to the upcoming designs.

However, given the popularity of the 18650 designs and the fact that it does not possess many different elements, it is a tough call to decide whether or not it will make it to the favorite pedestal when the former provides more options to personalize the device with leather stickers.

Unlike CAPO 100W, it does not restrict you in designs. 18650 is very user-friendly. As for the suggestion, I perceive it could have been different and more distinct, at-least in appearance. The outlook of the box-designs could definitely be more relatable.
By far, the reviews of this device are quite interesting with the probability that the extended battery life and backup even surpass that of the old version. Here is a look at what you would love.
– You get the required 21700 batteries with the kit.
– You can still choose the regular 18650’s, if you don’t like the new range
– Free adaptor
– With a dual battery, especially in comparison with 18650 BOX MOD, it’s a good deal.
– Visually, it is the same size as Captain PD 1865 and PD270 devices, which is more familiar to the users.

– Innovative design and futuristic firmware upgrade abilities

– There is an LED screen at the top front of the device, providing the users with a complete regulation over the use at all times.

– Temperature is self-regulatory due to the presence of chassis.

– C compact, Pico-esque form factor that you can fall in love with

– Comes with a warranty that your device would not deplete after short puffs

– ItseJuice reservoir can carry up to 2 mL OR 3.3 mL, as much as required. It also has a pre-made coil resistance up to 80W.



– This device is a portable box, easy to fit, best for those who do not like to be bothered much about the size.

– It’s easy to get confused with its shape.

– In general, it mixes it up with other tech devices and fails to provide a different and personalized outlook.

– Sometimes, it can get overwhelming as it shows too much information to be comprehended by an average person which is not necessary.

Final Verdict

There are a few things to keep in mind here.

For one, the battery is a tricky business to be counted on to sell the vaping device as this industry allows its users to experience different kinds of varieties.

The box designs could fail if they do not bring in more versatility. All of the characteristics they are providing are almost the same, while in comparison, RDTA can fill the tank up to 12.1 mL fill capacity, which gives it an upper hand. Now that is what we call competition within its own company.

The only thing that could provide it with a standing would be its feedback from the market, which people are looking forward to eagerly. Let’s say we cannot be very sure about these box designs attaining the rightful position out there! Let’s just wait and watch!



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