What's The Difference Between Vaporesso Swag and Vaporesso Swag 2

It's definitely been a long time waiting for this device coming out. Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit. One thing for sure, there's a ton of customers still use the previous version, Vaporesso Swag Kit, as their daily driver. Even though there's plenty of annoying design defects, that's not enough to drive them away from using it. So, I think it's necessary to find out the exact differences between these two kits.

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The Profile Design

vaporesso swag vs vaporesso swag 2

The all-new profile design of the Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit is inherited from the Vaporesso Gen Mod, which is the top-notch vape box mod of 2019 from my perspective. Undoubtedly, this kind of new profile design precisely drives Vaporesso to success.

Exactly, the chassis of  Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit is made from the metal material. Thanks to the magic coatings on both sides, the mod just gives an awesomely soft and smooth touching feel.

Apparently, it's easy to distinguish which one is the new version by putting them two together. The previous Vaporesso Swag Kit consists of a common zinc alloy frame and plastic panels on both sides. What's interesting is this kind of design does not seem to be out of date!

The Size Comparison

vaporesso swag vs vaporesso swag 2

Despite the Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit features a brand-new appearance design, the actual dimension between them two is fairly the same.

vaporesso swag vs vaporesso swag 2

Technically, the biggest difference is the much bigger installation deck. One thing that may annoy you too much is the narrow adaptability to the big size tank of the Vaporesso Swag Kit. Only 22 mm in diameter is really hard to interchange with other sub-ohm or rebuildable atomizers.

Fortunately, Vaporesso has already resolved this issue and made it into 25 mm in diameter, so you can install your standby atomizers on the Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit without overhang.

The Functionality

vaporesso swag vs vaporesso swag 2

Actually, Vaporesso didn't make so many aggressive changes on the new Swag 2 Kit. On the contrary, they still kept the original charm of 'Swag Kit'. The same output range, the same intuitive fire button, the same 0.91" screen display, the same menu button, and the same adjustment button.

But the brand-new AXON chipset, which made its debut on Vaporesso Gen Mod,  brings this Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit to a new level. The previous Swag Kit is equipped with Vaporesso patented OMNI chipset, although the substantial protections have been guaranteed, the actual operations are not that straightforward.

We've experienced the great features that AXON chip brings to us. Even the battery power is only more than 10%, it can still make the output stable and powerful. On the other hand, it also simplifies the operations. Press the menu button three times continuously to switch through different modes, like pulse mode, power ECO mode, smart TC mode, DIY mode, and system setting.

The Tank Comparison

vaporesso swag vs vaporesso swag 2

Compared to the changes on the mod, there're only a few general upgrades on the tank.

First of all, the new NRG PE tank becomes much bigger. If you don't find out the upgrade on the installation deck, this picture will tell you clearly. Besides, nothing is worth mentioning! Slide-to-open top cap and bottom airflow adjustment ring, just the same!

You'll get a pair of new coils from the packaging. I don't think it's an upgrade due to GT cores series is the mainstream accessory of Vaporesso. Of course, you can interchange all of these coils on your previous Swag Kit.

The Parameters




vaporesso swag vs vaporesso swag 2

That's all I want to tell you! What's the difference between Vaporesso Swag Kit and Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit. Hope you find it useful after reading! Maybe some content I didn't cover and welcome your kind comments below!

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