The use of cannabis in yoga’s practice is a debated topic among those who are a part of the yogi community since some say that cannabis will block them from having this mental and physical clarity. However, we have those who think that cannabis will act as an mind opening substance, helping them to explore it in a profound and deeper way. So whom should you listen to? Listen to yourself and what your body tells you! You should know yourself and the way cannabis affects your body. Knowing that cannabis makes you feel relaxed, calm, heals some aches, and pains may mean that you should give it a shot. The methods such as smoking and vaping can have some impacts on your breathing, which might make things more difficult on your yoga routine. If this is what happens to you, you will probably need to change the way on how you are consuming cannabis. Nevertheless, do not forget to drink a lot of water even if your lungs are normally functioning after smoking, so you can prevent your throat and mouth from dryness.
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