List of Famous People Who Use E-Cigarettes


It’s not easy to quit smoking, at least for most of us. Even when the desire to stop is there, the urge to keep smoking is always stronger. That’s why many people are finding vaping to be an excellent alternative to tobacco smoking. In the past, Vape Mods were not what you would want to swap for your best brand of cigarette. Things have now changed, today the experience you will have even with a budget mod is quite fulfilling. It’s, therefore, no surprise that even top celebrities find vaping to be a great alternative to smoking.

1.Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay who is famous for appearances in The Parent and later Mean Girls has been spotted several times vaping and looking great while doing it. She likes it, and she doesn’t look like she is going to stop vaping anytime soon. She is a professional actor and singer, born in New York City.

2.Johnny Depp

Jonny was played a spy in the “The Tourist” where he is seen vaping on an e-Cig-like. He is an actor, musician, and producer. He was born in Owensboro Kentucky.

3.Katherine Heigl

Katherine is among the best-known celebrities who vape. On the Tonight Show, she was able to convince David Letterman to try vaping using her e-Cig after she turned it into a conversation. She is an actor, model, and filmmaker. She is famous for a role in Grey’s Anatomy. She was born in Washington DC.

4.Leonardo Dicapri 

Leonardo is among the most popular celebrities who enjoy vaping while going on about their daily business. Whether he is attending a gala, checking properties, or riding his bike, you are likely to spot him vaping. However, he is not one to share his mod, perhaps an indication of how personal he considers vaping to be. He is a professional actor and film producer. He was born in Los Angeles.

5.Katy Perry

Katy vapes in style, and she was first seen vaping in 2011 while enjoying a cold beer. Katy was born in Santa Barbara, California, and she is famous for her role in The Interview and Madagascar 3. She is a songwriter, singer, actor, and philanthropist.

6.Sienna Miller

She is a famous fashion icon, actor, model, and more recently as a vaper. She appeared with her e-cig during the 2015 Golden Globes. It was her way of telling us that vaping is not just a healthy alternative to smoking. It’s also fashionable. She was born in New York City.

7.Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson is not just a famous actor and filmmaker; he is also leading the way in proving that the easiest solution is at times the best solution. He is taken to vaping to cut down on his tobacco consumption. He was born in Los Angeles.

8.Isla Fisher

Isla Fisher is a great actor known for traveling, and now for how much she enjoys vaping. She was born in Oman.

9.Sam L. Jackson

He first appeared with a mod-like device as he recited poetry on the Tonight Show back in 2014. Since then, he has been seen several times vaping, and it’s clear he likes it. He was born in Washington DC, and he is an actor and film producer.


He is famous for having a huge number of followers on YouTube, and for his great vaping taste. Followers first spotted a Coolfire IV Box Mod sitting on his table in a video he posted in 2016. He was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and he is a professional YouTuber, Comedian, and Film producer.

That wraps up our top 10 list of celebrities who Vape. As you can see, vaping cuts across all ages.


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