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[accordions] [accordion title="Parameters" load="hide"]Brand: Asvape Size: 90mm x 65mm x 20mm Coil Resistance: 0.3ohm/Ni80 Battery Wattage: 38.5W(0.3ohm,3.4V) Battery Capacity: 1200mAh Charger : Mico USB Charger Material: Medical Grade SS316 Protection: Output Short Circuit Protection Thread: 510 Atomizer Capacity: 4ml [/accordion] [accordion title="Features" load="hide"]All-in-One Vape Device System Unique Shield Shape Design Powerful 1200mah Built-in Battery Mico USB Charge Port 4ml E-liquid Capacity 360 Taking E-juice, Excellent Flavor Experience Coil Replaceable Vape by Lung in 0.3ohm Chip Set Protection Healthy Medical Grade SS316 Material[/accordion] [accordion title="Package" load="hide"]1x Defender Atomizer ( No Coil) 2x Defender 0.3ohm Coils 1x Defender Device 1x User Manual 1x USB Cable 1x Clean Wiper 1x Gift Box [/accordion] [/accordions] Asvape has always been known for its unique styling. Once you mentioned Asvape, I still remember these products with attracting appearance. ↓   [button link="https://www.ave40.com/search/name/asvape" size="target" target="new" text_color="#ffffff" color="#f87e21"]Read More[/button]     Since the beginning of release, its appearance and performance have become a hot topic among vapers. What is the actual performance of it? We will interpret the charm of this "defender" from this review.

Appearance & Package

Similar to other products of Asvape, even the outer packing is very meticulous - the Logo is printed to reveal the noble status. It is composed of the three big letter “A.S.V’’. The gift box contains a defender atomizer, two 0.3ohm coils, and even the stainless steel instruction manual show unique ingenuity. The shield-shaped instruction indicates the functional properties, operation of firing button and instruction of lamp. Such an unprecedented design pattern is very impressive, which seems that Asvape throws its weight on attracting customers. As the first type of all-in-one device, it shapes quite special and unique with the inspiraton of Koenigsegg supercar. Just as the element of its name Defender, its shape is originated from the ancient shield for battle. It breaks through the traditional concept of an all-in-one model -- no longer a rigid line or a simple superposition of regular rectangles, but features with a streamlined body. The designer refers to ergonomics and finally make it portable after repeated modification, leading this most cutting-edge supercar-shaped all-in-one vaping device became the most fashionable darling.


1. Material Asvape adopts 316 stainless steel material which is the industry's top pressure grinding and the technology of laser 360 degrees seamless bonding. The front part of the laser engraved with the word "ASV" represents its brand Asvape abbreviations, also Asvape round the company Logo in the middle of the part. 2. Operation The back of the fuselage is the ignition key. The USB high-speed charging port is side-mounted on the left side and it can be filled in 60 minutes. The top is suction hole. But I don't like such a small mouthpiece which lags other round one or else, such as Shan Laan. The suction mouth of Shan Laan quite caters to ergonomics. There is no indicator light on the surface. Instead, the vibration design works if you press the button three time, indicating it is ready to work.   Battery indicator light is placed inside the body. Battery warning or no electricity: red light. Low power: yellow light Plenty of power: blue light. Full of electricity: blue light is always on. Here I have to talk about the filling system. As you see, Asvape really focus on innovation, even make it in details. There are no redundant parts, which are cumbersome. Instead of this, a soft, rubberized lid is actually more convenient to use. However, I found that it inevitably leads to the e-liquid leaking problem.

wrapping up

It features like a car key, portable and convenient. Even on the formal situation, you don't worry to lose the dignity of the atmosphere.Perhaps, it can be eyes catching in the crowd. Delicate and reserved, regardless of gender, can be easily mastered.